Thursday, Sep 5th
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Daily Fantasy Football Resources & Glossary

Whether you are new to DFS or are looking to take your game to the next level, this ever-growing Daily Fantasy Football Resources & Glossary page will help you to elevate your game, with definitions, training, advice, and ideas.


– NOVEMBER, 2018 –

Becoming a Winning DFS Player :: TodfromPA



– OCTOBER, 2018 –

Process Information Without Judgement



– SEPTEMBER, 2018 –

Best Roster Construction?

Defining ‘Clear Value’

Getting The Most Out Of Game Notes (highly recommended)

Getting The Most Out Of Ownership %s (subscribers only)

How I Use Game Notes

The Player Grid: Explained

What Is DVOA?

Winning On Weeks With No ‘Clear Value’ (subscribers only)



– AUGUST, 2018 –

10 Commandments For NFL DFS :: 2018 Edition

Bankroll Building Through NFL DFS

Defining ‘Expected Value’ (subscribers only)

Defining ‘Overlay’ and ‘Rake’

Defining ‘Source of Certainty’ (subscribers only)

Maximizing The FLEX Position

Playing FantasyDraft vs DraftKings and FanDuel

Pure Floor & Ceiling (subscribers only)

Single-Entry DFS Play (subscribers only)

The “Practice Roster” Philosophy (subscribers only)

Thinking For Yourself In NFL DFS (subscribers only)

Game Stacking (subscribers only) {massively profitable!}