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Preseason Cheat Sheet – Week 4


Maximizing Profitability in Preseason (Please read before you play!):

In Preseason Week 1, we ran into a “good problem” on the slate, but it was certainly a problem: this content was so popular, and the preseason contests were so small, OWS ended up having an unintentionally large impact on ownership percentages. We have three solutions to help you maximize your profitability:

  1. Until preseason ends, use the OWS Badge as the avatar on your DFS account (you can find this at the bottom of your profile page). This was suggested on Twitter as a way for OWS subs to avoid other OWS subs in H2Hs. This is a great idea, as it will enable us to avoid one another in H2Hs, and to scoop games from those who don’t have this information.
  2. Preseason is better suited to tourneys than to bankroll building through cash games. If you are more of a cash game player, still play cash! But tourneys are where you can really hunt for preseason upside. In tourney play, mix and match recommended players in such a way that you have a unique roster construction.
  3. FantasyDraft has preseason contests as well, and you may run into fewer players over there who have this information. (If you don’t have a FantasyDraft account, you can sign up here.)


Understanding the Key:

Preseason inherently includes a lot of guesswork – which is why we teamed up with Evan Silva on One Week Season, to eliminate as much of the guesswork as possible. Players left white, below, contain normal preseason risk/reward. Players highlighted green are considered safer than a preseason play would typically be. Players highlighted orange – though possibly highly-ranked – require more playing-time guesswork than the others, and are thus noted as being slightly higher-risk. (See a few more notes below the cheat sheet…)

The Cheat Sheet applies to both FanDuel and DraftKings. With limited targets available for any given player and an extremely low likelihood of any player gaining enough yards for a DK bonus, PPR scoring and 0.5 PPR scoring are practically indistinguishable in terms of value provided. Lean on this list on both sites.

If playing a single-game format where one player on your roster goes in a 1.5x multiplier slot, QBs and DST are the most reliable point-scorers in preseason; choose one of those for that spot in cash games. In tourneys, those two are still strong bets, but you can also take shots at other positions and hope you capture lightning with the top score on the slate.