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What Is Inner Circle?

Classroom-Style DFS Coaching & Slate Prep, + The Oracle: Weekly Strategy Guide


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You probably don’t want to pay $125 an hour for DFS coaching…

So OWS has launched Inner Circle:

Tuesdays ::

With JM ::

Live + Archived :: A 90+ minute segment (with occasional guests!), using the first half to dive into DFS strategy and theory, and using the second half to focus on your questions

Saturdays ::

With Xandamere & Hilow ::

Live + Archived :: A 90 minute session (with occasional guests!), using the first half to break down optimal strategy/approach for the unique slate ahead(!!!), and using the second half to focus on your questions

Saturdays ::

The Oracle :: In The Scroll


“What does it take to win THIS WEEK’S slate?”

Each week, we craft three to five questions around the most critical STRATEGY // ROSTER CONSTRUCTION elements from that week’s slate…and eight to 10 members of the OWS team provide their answers!

(Obviously…this alone pays for itself!)

Inner Circle ::

80+ hour of Classroom Training & SLATE PREP(!!!) throughout the season, + The Oracle every week!


To Join ::

1. Buy Inner Circle

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2. If you’re an OWS Annual member, Cancel (“Pause”) your old OWS Annual membership

If you are already an OWS member, cancel (“Pause”) your old OWS Annual membership on your profile page (click “Membership & Courses” on the left sidebar, then select “Pause Renewal”); this will switch you fully to Inner Circle (which includes everything in OWS Annual).


If your 2021 Annual membership renews before you make your purchase, email us at, let us know you purchased Inner Circle and would like your Annual charge refunded, and we’ll take care of that right away! (You can find your renewal date on your profile page, in the Membership Status box.)

If you dip your toes into Inner Circle this year and find it isn’t for you, you can ALWAYS return to your original entry price for OWS Annual!

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