Sunday, Feb 11th — Late
Bye Week:

OWS Missions

Missions Winners!

We will be drawing Missions winners at the end of Week 16.

Winners will be announced in the Angles Email Week 17(!).

(We’ll also reach out to winners directly around that time.)

1. Complete Weekly “Missions”

2. Be entered to win prizes, including:

  • One-on-one coaching with JM, Hilow, Xandamere, or MJohnson86
  • All-Access Pass to OWS Marketplace
  • Free Inner Circle For Life
  • Free OWS Annual
  • (And More!)

(Tune into each week’s Angles Podcast for more details!)

Missions 5-7 ::

Complete at any point before the end of Week 13 to earn entries into the Week 15 Drawings:


Accumulate Edge Points!

  • For every 10 Edge Points earned, you’ll earn an entry into the Week 15 Drawings!

“How do I earn 10 Edge Points? Is it hard?”


(It’s easy)

>> The First Easy Way:

On your profile page, you’ll find a box that says “Edge Multiplier.” In this box, you’ll find a link.

1. Copy This Link
2. Share This Link With ::
  • Fantasy league-mates // Followers // Family members who play season-long or DFS

For EVERY OWS Free sign-up through your link, you’ll earn 10 Edge Points…and you’ll CONTINUE to earn 10 Edge Points for every purchase they make on OWS for the next two years. If they buy a Marketplace course or an OWS Annual membership or an OWS Week pass (or anything else), you’ll earn 10 Edge Points. Every time.

  • NOTE :: OWS Free members have access to large portions of the NFL Edge, and to small portions of The Scroll. If you know someone who plays season-long fantasy, and especially if you know someone who plays DFS, you know someone who will benefit from using OWS Free!

In addition to earning entries into the Week 15 Drawings, you can “Make Marketplace Free” by purchasing courses with your Edge Points ::

>> The Second Easy Way:


Mission 4/7 ::

Complete at any point before the end of Week 13 to earn 10 entries apiece(!):

Worth 10 Entries Apiece!

Take Advantage Of “Free Money” From Sports Books, Through OWS

Please Read This:

  • Every online sports book is battling to become “THE sports book” you’ll use for the long haul. This means they are paying out ridiculous deposit bonuses (up to $500 match!) just to get you to sign up.
  • When you deposit on a sports book through OWS, you ALSO get 100 Edge Points (which can be redeemed in Marketplace right away for free courses).

Free Money


Free Marketplace Courses


10 Entries Into OWS Missions Drawings!

(+ This helps OWS quite a bit)

For EVERY SITE on which you open an account and make an initial deposit of $25 or more, you’ll earn 100 Edge Points AND 10 entries into the Week 15 Missions drawings!

Select My State

If you’re not in an eligible state:

Email us at, use the subject line “Betting Update,” and let us know the state you’re in. This will earn you FIVE ENTRIES into the Week 15 Missions Drawings. We’ll also be able to let you know once we have sports books live in your state, in order for you to scoop the Edge Points (and free courses) available for signing up.


You DON’T have to be a hardcore sports bettor to get TONS OF FREE MONEY
  1. You can deposit ($25 or more) on multiple sports books in your state, and harvest ALL the deposit bonuses
  2. By signing up through OWS, you A) get the best possible deposit bonuses, and B) collect HUNDREDS of Edge Points
  3. You can lean on OWS to find +EV prop bets, or to try to beat the lines…
  4. and because you’ll have accounts with multiple sports books, you can shop for the BEST line for the bet you’re wanting to place, thereby entrenching your edge more deeply

Mission 3/7 ::

Complete at any point before the end of Week 13 to earn 1 entry apiece:

Rep The OWS Fam With The OWS Avatar For Your DFS Play!

  • Step 1: Use the OWS Avatar (below) for your play on DraftKings, FanDuel, or SuperDraft
  • Step 2: Send us an email at with A) the subject line “OWS Avatar,” and B) screenshots of the OWS avatar in use on your account(s)
It’s That Simple!

For each site on which you’re repping the OWS Fam using the OWS Avatar, you’ll earn one entry into the Week 15 Missions drawings!

Use The OWS Avatar, Above!

Mission 2/7 ::

Complete at any point before the end of Week 13 to earn 5 entries:

Be A Member Of Inner Circle(!)

  • If you’re already in Inner Circle, you’ve already earned 5 entries!
  • If you’re not in Inner Circle, we have an AWESOME discount you can take advantage of for the remainder of the season(!)
As part of Inner Circle, you will have access to:
  • JM’s Tuesday night training segment, where we dive into core DFS topics, theories, strategy approaches, and ideas
  • Xandamere and Hilow’s Saturday evening slate-focused strategy and training segment, where we explore the core strategy elements for that week’s slate
  • The Oracle (in The Scroll), where the OWS team shares their in-depth thoughts on key strategy topics on that week’s slate

A Note:

This promo does not include annual.

If you already have OWS Annual, you can add Inner Circle and be set with FULL access.

If you are in OWS Free and would like to scoop Annual + Inner Circle, you can grab Annual for $129 $39 for the rest of the season ($3/week), and can grab Inner Circle for the $39 rest-of-year price as well!

Buy OWS ANNUAL Here :: PROMO CODE :: annual2021

Buy INNER CIRCLE (Below) :: No Promo Code Needed

Add rest-of-season Inner Circle access for only $39!

*Please only Click 1-time so you are not double charged

You are already registered and have an active subscription.

Mission 1/7 ::

Complete at any point before the end of Week 13 to earn 3 entries:

Join Underdog, through OWS!

  • Join Underdog Fantasy (NOTES: If you’ve already joined Underdog through OWS, you’ll already be entered! || If you’re in a state that does not offer Underdog, feel free to shoot us an email at, and we’ll give you a bonus entry in order to help you stay in the mix!)
  • Deposit $10 (or more), and get a 100% match from Underdog(!!!), up to $100! (Make sure Promo Code OWS is in place when you sign up)

That’s it! If you follow those steps, you’ll earn three entries into the Week 15 prize drawings!

If you’re unfamiliar with Underdog:

Underdog has the best all-around Best Ball product (for all sports), which is the primary area through which their name is known. But Underdog also has weekly drafts that are incredibly soft/+EV, including the tournament-style Battle Royale, which is a low-cost tourney (typically $3 to $10) with a high-end payout ($12k to $20k going to first place). In the Week 7 Angles Pod, we break down the optimal strategy for the Battle Royale, and each week in the Reflection Scroll, Lex Miraglia breaks down the previous week’s Battle Royale, through the lens of the techniques that maximize one’s chances of a first-place finish. Each draft takes around 8 to 10 minutes, and the majority of our competition has (literally) no idea how to attack this tourney. This is a fun, +EV way to pursue profit during the second half of the NFL season.

Check Back Next Friday For Next Week’s Mission!