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Unfound Optimals

Why We Have This Course ::

  • While Showdown cash games remained as soft as ever in 2019, Showdown tournaments got sharper. Xandamere touches on the reasons for this (and how we can take advantage) in the 2020 updates in the Advanced Showdown Course, but perhaps the biggest “Upside” advantage currently floating out there in the DFS and sports betting realm is the fact that on nearly 50% of DraftKings Showdowns in 2019, the entire field failed to find the optimal lineup (which is sort of stunning, when you think about the fact that there are only two teams in play!). What is the field still missing?
  • If you’ve been with the site long enough, you know it’s our goal to truly sharpen our community: to give you the tools, knowledge, understanding, and training required to make consistently profitable decisions. As always: a large part of that includes finding edges where they exist, and then hammering those edges once you’ve found them. This remains one of the great, untapped “edges” available in the DFS and sports betting space.

Who This Course Is For ::

  • Honestly: if you have a few hours available each week for DFS (and considering you’re reading this page, you likely do), this is a great course for you — with one important caveat:
  • This is a course built around an aggressive approach to Showdowns. Whereas the Mastering Showdowns course is a pretty universal DFS read (i.e., there are clear edges in cash games, and most DFS players have the psyche to comfortably handle that style of play), chasing these Unfound Optimals requires a bit of intestinal fortitude — a bit of willingness to embrace uncertainty. This is something we talk about all the time on the site — so if you feel like this is something you’re still getting a handle on at a foundational level, give it a bit of time before picking up this course.
  • If, on the other hand, you feel like you have solid footing in regards to what it means to embrace uncertainty, and why this can be such a valuable trait to develop, this course provides a portal into being able to put that foundational knowledge into a battleground perfectly suited to the development of this approach.
  • In this course, Xandamere takes a data-driven dive into all the elements that are missing in the public approach to Showdown tourneys — and that are leaving all these Unfound Optimals out there, week in and week out.
  • As explored in this course (through five written lessons from Xandamere and two bonus audio lessons from JM), this course provides a perfect pathway to developing a stronger style of DFS play by putting a portion of your Showdown bankroll each week into a hunt for Unfound Optimals.
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Start Gaining Ground ::

Xandamere’s Unfound Optimals Course can be purchased below for only $39 (with so many Unfound Optimals floating around out there throughout the season, it’s truly ridiculous value). Once you complete your purchase, direct access to the course will be delivered to your profile page.

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