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The Next Level


Inside the Advanced Showdown Course, you’ll find ::

From JMToWin ::

As you surely know by now: part of our brand at One Week Season is that we provide you with a ridiculous amount of valuable research and information for a ridiculously low price; and as such, it felt a bit strange at first to do what we’re doing here: providing an advanced level to Xandamere’s Showdown course that we are offering for purchase. Our inclination on the site, of course, is to simply include everything we can(!) in your subscription, regardless of how low the price point for that subscription is. But here’s the deal: The information Xandamere provides in the Advanced Showdown Course is so valuable — and the edge that Xandamere is letting go of and passing along to you is so tangible — that putting a price on this and building in some upside for Xandamere was the only way to get him to climb on board with us for the 2019 season. Not to imply that he strong-armed us; but just…well. You’ll see when you get inside. The information is just that good.

If you are planning to seriously hammer the Showdown edge this season, you probably want this course.

And if you are a lower-stakes player trying to build bankroll: hammer the magic formula in cash games early on! — then turn some of your winnings into a copy of the Advanced Showdown Course.

Xandamere and I talked about pricing the Advanced Showdown Course for as much as $99…but since this is One Week Season, we ended up settling on an introductory price of $39 for the course. (Believe me: it’s worth it!!!!)

NOTE :: You’ll purchase the Advanced Showdown Course through our standard checkout page, which lists the annual subscription rate. Don’t worry; this link to the Advanced Showdown Course will charge you $39, and will gain you access to the entire Advanced Showdown Course!

NOTE 2 :: After purchasing, you can navigate to the lessons in the Advanced Showdown Course from the bullet points above; or you can bookmark this page, which also links to all the lessons.