Thursday, Sep 21st

Relative Value 1 dummy

Is he a better play on Draftkings or Fanduel?

There are several things we can look at to figure out if a player is a better value on Draftkings vs Fanduel. This is important because we may want to roster a certain player but we might be unsure which site our money would be best spent rostering them. 

One exercise we can do is to compare the amount of salary that’s needed to roster a player on Draftkings vs the salary needed to roster the same player on Fanduel. This is done by dividing the salary on one site by the total amount of salary allowed to build your roster (DK $50k, FD $60k). Then we can take the percentage of the total salary on one site and subtract it from the percentage of total salary on the other site. We can also look at the scoring rule differences and what type of player would be best suited for that particular site. Lastly, we can check how the player’s points per dollar value based on their average in recent games compare to their salary in a given week. 

The goal of the article is not to give you picks but to show you how to recognize these values on your own. Each week I’ll break down a few players and give you some quick hitters that you can explore further.

Justin Herbert

FD $8.4k, 14% // DK $7.6k, 15.2%  

Herbert’s priced as the second-highest QB on Draftkings but the third-highest on Fanduel. Herbert takes up 15.2% of the total salary on DK and only 14% on FD. The difference between these (1.2%) is higher than any other high-priced QB this week. Patrick Mahomes is .9%, Lamar Jackson’s is .43%, Kyler Murray’s is .33%, and Aaron Rodgers is 1%. Based on salary allocation, Herbert is a better value on Fanduel than the other high-priced QBs. 

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