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Late Swap Super Wild Card (Sat)

StatATL is an OWS Fam grad who has been hammering short slates and utilizing late swap. In this article, he will help you take advantage of late swap.

Saturday (2 Game Slate) – Quick Thoughts 

Pricing feels very loose as DK has set up this two-game slate to be as friendly as possible to casual players. Despite the edge gained from the information learned in the first game, most rosters won’t take advantage of late swap. Remember that despite the soft pricing, once the games start, salary no longer matters.

The three highest projected owned players are all RBs (CMC, Ekeler, and Etienne), however very few rosters will feature two of them, and even fewer will have all three, despite them being the best on paper plays on the slate. 

The Seahawks have played the 49ers twice this season and managed only 13 combined points. However, Tyler Lockett had 16 catches on 20 targets for 175 yards. He is projected as the 7th owned WR (reminder this is a two-game slate). #Leverage

Donald Parham is coming in criminally underowned with Mike Williams out. He’s projected as the 6th highest-owned TE.

Sunday 3 Game Slate

Quick overall thoughts:

The main decision point of the slate comes in the middle game between the Giants and the Vikings. This game is projected to carry far and away the highest cumulative ownership, including the three highest owned overall (Barkley, Jefferson, and Dalvin Cook) as it’s the only game projected to be competitive (within a TD spread).

I would expect around 75% of the total QB ownership to condense on Allen, Cousins and Daniel Jones, with Skylar Thompson and Tyler Huntley, (both basically unplayable in my opinion), coming in around 10% combined. This sets up for Joe Burrow, who has as high a ceiling as anyone, to be a major leverage play.

Let’s Dive In:

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