Kickoff Sunday, Jan 19th 6:40pm Eastern

Packers (
18.75) at

49ers (

Over/Under 45.0


Key Matchups
Packers Run D
23nd DVOA/23rd Yards allowed per carry
49ers Run O
13th DVOA/2nd Yards per carry
Packers Pass D
10th DVOA/14th Yards allowed per pass
49ers Pass O
8th DVOA/13th Yards per pass
49ers Run D
11th DVOA/17th Yards allowed per carry
Packers Run O
4th DVOA/15th Yards per carry
49ers Pass D
2nd DVOA/1st Yards allowed per pass
Packers Pass O
11th DVOA/17th Yards per pass

The Matchup ::

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Kyle Shanahan has faced Mike Pettine’s defense four times with Schaub, Grossman, Beathard, and Garoppolo, increasing his scoring each time from 0 to 19 to 30 to 37Against top-10 efficiency offenses, GB has allowed point totals of 16, 24, 24, 37, 10, & 23, with both games under 20 coming vs MINSF ranks 7th in offensive efficiency, averaging 29.9 ppg and scoring 30+ in 8/17 gamesAgainst teams in the top-half of the league in defensive efficiency (GB is 15th), SF has scored 31, 24, 20, 37, 17, 48, 34 . . .

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