Kickoff Sunday, Jan 3rd 1:00pm Eastern

Cowboys (
22.75) at

Giants (

Over/Under 43.5


Key Matchups
Cowboys Run D
5th DVOA/17th Yards allowed per carry
Giants Run O
7th DVOA/5th Yards per carry
Cowboys Pass D
3rd DVOA/12th Yards allowed per pass
Giants Pass O
10th DVOA/29th Yards per pass
Giants Run D
32nd DVOA/31st Yards allowed per carry
Cowboys Run O
10th DVOA/18th Yards per carry
Giants Pass D
22nd DVOA/18th Yards allowed per pass
Cowboys Pass O
13th DVOA/10th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Hilow >>

The winner of this contest gets into the playoffs with a Washington loss (WAS don’t play until SNF), so expect no stone left unturnedCowboys’ offense has looked #good over the previous three gamesGiants…well, not so much (have average 10.75 points per game over the previous month of play)Not much in the way of solid floor here

How Dallas Will Try To Win ::

Dallas has brought an overall 65% pass play rate on the season down to 56% over the previous three weeks (winning all three games and placing themselves in . . .

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