Kickoff Sunday, Feb 13th 6:30pm Eastern

Bengals (
22) at

Rams (

Over/Under 48.5


Key Matchups
Bengals Run D
7th DVOA/5th Yards allowed per carry
Rams Run O
19th DVOA/25th Yards per carry
Bengals Pass D
8th DVOA/26th Yards allowed per pass
Rams Pass O
22nd DVOA/5th Yards per pass
Rams Run D
3rd DVOA/6th Yards allowed per carry
Bengals Run O
28th DVOA/23rd Yards per carry
Rams Pass D
25th DVOA/22nd Yards allowed per pass
Bengals Pass O
20th DVOA/7th Yards per pass

The Super Bowl write-up will be available the Friday before the Super Bowl!