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This year we’ll be uncovering matchup, gameflow, and interpretation nuggets from the NFL EDGE to make the most +EV prop bets each week of the NFL season. While the books are extremely efficient when setting game totals and sides, they leave plenty of meat on the bone for small and medium betting enthusiasts to turn a healthy profit. Much like the chicken at Costco, prop bets are a loss leader for sportsbooks. They expect some bettors to do well. In fact, many hope bettors do have success so they become more comfortable when transitioning to the coinflip nature of the highly marketable sides and totals.

While it is true that sportsbooks will limit extremely successful prop bettors to three-digit bet wagers or less, there are more than enough sportsbooks available for action. This number is increasing with the continued legalization of Sports Betting in many American states and the soon-to-be legalization of single-game betting in the country of Canada. Sports Betting is growing quickly. With the hefty taxes associated with the exploding demand for more skin in the game from the NFL’s avid fan base, there is no going back.

With the edge in DFS Cash Games decreasing year after year, it has become increasingly difficult to see strong ROI with such a limited amount of slates available to us in a given NFL season. With the increase in tools available to the average DFS player, the field has become more efficient. When time spent constructing the optimal lineup for a given slate is considered, the potential return Cash Games provide has become hard to justify financially for all but a select few. Deciding to transfer some of your Cash Game budget to the Prop Betting markets could be exactly what you need to avoid the risks associated with DFS GPP contests while still maintaining a noteworthy edge. Think early years DFS, this market is just starting to expand.

Truth be told, there are just too many individual props available for the market to ever be monitored efficiently. The books effectively tell us this loud and clear by limiting the amount bettors can lay down on each individual outcome. This gives us a much larger sample size of outcomes to get action and realize our edge. With all this in mind, prop bets are routinely slow to react to injury news and the effect it will have on player projections. Remember, injury news is best served when used to take advantage of a role or projection change felt by other players in the game.

At OWS, we pride ourselves on seeing the game from a different angle. Why not take advantage of it before the market can adjust? Why not play the least efficient game in town? In fact, OWS has partnered with the books to get you the best deposit bonuses available. These bonuses are another great +EV choice to make your money work for you.

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