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In the early days of legal sports betting, online sports books are battling for your business

Every site wants to become “The site” you’ll use in the long term

…and they’re handing out ridiculous deposit bonuses just to get you through their virtual doors.

We talk about finding and hammering edges.

This is an edge!

Lean into these “Free Money” deposit bonuses, and we’ll hook you up with 100 Edge Points per site.

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You DON’T have to be a hardcore sports bettor to get TONS OF FREE MONEY!
  1. You can deposit ($25 or more) on multiple sports books in your state, and harvest ALL the deposit bonuses
  2. By signing up through OWS, you A) get the best possible deposit bonuses, and B) collect HUNDREDS of Edge Points
  3. You can lean on OWS to find +EV prop bets, or to try to beat the lines…
  4. and because you’ll have accounts with multiple sports books, you can shop for the BEST line for the bet you’re wanting to place, thereby entrenching your edge more deeply!