Thursday, Sep 5th

DFS Training

Throughout my time in the DFS industry, I have realized that most sites operate under the assumption that you are lazy and are only looking for shortcuts; but while this is obviously true for some DFS players, it has been awesome to realize over the last few years that there are a ton of players who are actually looking to learn about DFS; who are looking to become better DFS players.

While bigger sites have to cater to the likely-lazy masses, I love that this site is able to focus more on players like you: the kind of player who would click a tab labeled “DFS Training” to see what’s inside.

Providing high-quality research and analysis for readers each week is a blast, and that is obviously why most people come to the site. But what I love even more is having this space to share the things I have learned about DFS — about the right ways to approach it, and about what it takes to be successful.

Subscribers can access my NFL DFS course — Playing NFL DFS for Profit.

And even if you are not a subscriber, there are some really cool pieces in the Resources & Glossary section of the site that will help you start taking your game to the next level. (Subscribers: I strongly recommend digging through that page as well!)

I’ll see you at the top of the leaderboards soon!