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From JM >>>>

OWS Fam!!!!

On July 23-24 each year, our original, Early Bird subscribers renew their OWS subscription (at their original entry price!). Internally, this marks our unofficial “start date” for the NFL season — when we A) send you an update on what the year ahead looks like, and B) begin ramping up our research and content preparation.

This is that email. (Translation: NFL is nearly here!!!!)

This year, we’ll cover four key items:

1. OWS Jobs(!)
2. New Site Additions for 2021(!)
3. Why You Should Cancel Your OWS Subscription(!)
4. What You Can Look For In August(!)

Let’s jump in!

OWS Jobs ::

OWS Jobs are Closed!

If you’ve been looking for an open door into this industry, this might be tailor-built for you. OWS is adding four new positions this year, and we’re recruiting from within the OWS community. You can find the job postings here.

New Site Additions ::

One of the things I love most about OWS is the fact that we allow our users to lock in their entry price for life.

  • We have members who scooped their original subscription for $29, before we even had a site — and they’re still renewing at $29 per NFL season today!
  • We have members who scooped their original subscription for $39, when OWS was just the NFL Edge, the Player Grid, and a Friday night podcast — and they’re still renewing at $39 per NFL season today!
  • Even if you’re not in the $29-$39 range, you’re locked in at $49, $59, $79, or $99, for a subscription that is priced at $129 for the 2021 NFL season — and here’s why I love this so much:

Every year, we strive to make OWS the most powerful bang-for-your-buck destination for people paying the NEW price. If we’re charging $129, we want it to be a product for which we could comfortably charge $229.

In preparation for this season, RotoMaven and I spent a decent amount of time last year on other NFL DFS sites, assessing what we could improve for our subscribers — and one of the things that jumped out to us was the lack of clear direction and structure in an NFL week. On most sites, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for, confusing to get started, and easy to miss a lot of the valuable content that’s being released.

As you know, a typical week for an NFL DFS player should consist of three main parts:

1. Reflection
2. Research
3. Roster Construction

This year on OWS, you’ll find all of your “Monday night to Wednesday morning” content on the Reflection page — where:

  • Sonic’s Above The Field will break down the strategic approach & player pool of a top Milly Maker player
  • Larejo will break down some of the surprising performances from the previous weekend (working backward to see what we could have spotted strategically or game theoretically, and what we can learn moving forward)
  • Xandamere will be providing a weekly roster review in which he breaks down his approach and/or player pool from one of the weekend’s slates
  • & more!

Wednesday night through Friday morning (as always!!!), the NFL Edge will function as your Research Destination, with:

  • Matchups bullet points
  • Game-by-game breakdowns
  • DFS Interpretations
  • OWS Collective research
  • & more

Friday night through Sunday morning, you’ll be able to find all of your Roster Construction content in one central place: The Scroll(!!!!).

Borrowing the same creative layout that the NFL Edge uses (which allows you to read the Edge as if it’s one giant article, or to instead jump directly to whichever game you want to read), The Scroll will allow you to dive into all of our late-week content in a single place, or to jump directly to whatever article you want to explore. Featured in this central space will be:

  • JM’s Player Grid
  • Hilow’s End Around
  • (New!) Larejo’s Willing to Lose
  • (New!) Sonic’s MME player pool(!!!)
  • (New!) Majesstik’s #TheWorkbook (if you’re not familiar with Majesstik, you can find him on Twitter here; he’s hugely respected among high-dollar DFS players, and landing #TheWorkbook on OWS is a HUGE win for our subs — a “win” that was aided by the fact that Majesstik is a longtime OWS sub himself!)
  • & (literally) a whole lot more

Throughout the week, we’ll also be adding:

  • An early-bets piece from Hilow
  • Several new podcasts
  • & more!

Why You Should Cancel Your OWS Subscription ::

Short Answer :: Inner Circle

If you were paying $125 an hour for DFS coaching, most DFS players/coaches (myself included) would structure sessions as follows:

  • Spend about half the time focused on foundational training // mindset // strategy // approach
  • Spend the other half of the time guiding you as you put these tools to practical use through the lens of an upcoming slate

This fall, OWS is launching a new product called Inner Circle, in which members will be able to follow this same structure EACH WEEK, in a classroom-style setting.

Tuesdays :: Live training session with JM
Saturdays :: Live slate prep and training with Hilow & Xandamere
Saturdays :: The Oracle

  • Tuesday nights (archived for those who can’t make it live), I’ll be running a 90+ minute segment (with occasional guests!) :: using the first half to lecture on a topic of relevance from the week behind us, then using the second half to focus on your questions
  • Saturday afternoons (archived for those who can’t make it live), Xandamere and Hilow will be anchoring a 90 minute session (with occasional guests!) :: using the first half to break down optimal strategy/approach for the unique slate ahead, and using the second half to focus on your questions
  • As a Year 1 bonus(!), we’re also launching The Oracle — which Inner Circle members will be able to find in The Scroll each week.

If you’ve been on OWS for any length of time, you know how much we dislike “picks” content (or rather: you know how detrimental “picks” content can be for a DFS player trying to maximize long-term ROI); so we’re using The Oracle as an opportunity to decapitate the old “cheat sheet” // “picks” model by providing members with a cheat-sheet-style delivery that focuses on the core strategy angles for that week’s slate (i.e., “Derrick Henry is projected to be over 30% owned this week. What are some key angles/examples you’re considering for A) rostering him in an optimal/differentiated manner, and B) fading him with maximum leverage?”). You’ll be able to find thoughts from Sonic, Xandamere, Hilow, Larejo, Pawel, Majesstik, JM, and more in The Oracle each week!

We’re launching Inner Circle (80+ hour of Classroom Training & Slate Prep throughout the season, + The Oracle every week!) as a $129 add-on to an OWS Annual subscription…


Remember the people who are paying $29 each year for their OWS Annual subscription?

Well, if you missed that “low-owned, high-upside” play in 2018, we’re giving you an opportunity to get on the right side of a product that will have people saying a few years from now, “Wait…they’re only paying WHAT?!?!

  • The cost of a 2021 OWS Annual membership is $129
  • The cost of a 2021 Inner Circle membership is $129
    • Inner Circle + OWS Annual = $258.

In 2023, we expect to be offering these products in a bundle for $229.

In 2022, we expect to be offering these products in a bundle for $199.

In 2021, we’re offering these products in a bundle for $179 (and as always: those who enter at this price get to lock it in for life!).

  • But if you’re reading this, we’re offering a Special, Early Bird Bundle price of $129!!!
    • ​Expires August 20!

How to take advantage of the special bundle price, in three steps ::

  1. Buy Inner Circle here
  2. Apply Coupon Code INNERCIRCLE50 ($50 off $179 price!)
  3. Cancel (“Pause”) your old OWS Annual membership on your profile page (click “Membership & Courses” on the left sidebar, then select “Pause Renewal”); this will switch you fully to the Inner Circle bundle!

This coupon not only saves you $50 on your Inner Circle membership — but it will also be automatically applied each year(!!!), allowing you to renew at $129 for life!!!

If you joined OWS in 2018, you’ll find an even BIGGER discount on the Early Bird Inner Circle checkout page.

NOTE :: If you get renewed for your 2021 Annual membership before you make your purchase, email us at [email protected], let us know you purchased Inner Circle and would like your Annual charge refunded, and we’ll take care of that right away! (You can find your renewal date on your profile page, in the Membership Status box.)

What You Can Look For In August ::

Toward the end of the first week of August, you’ll find a Classroom heading on the OWS home page. Throughout the month of August, this page will be filled with everything you need:

  • 10 to 15 articles covering Best Ball and DFS strategy, mindset, approach, and training — written by Hilow, Xandamere, Sonic, JM, Majesstik, and more
  • Over 20 podcasts covering Best Ball and DFS strategy, mindset, approach, and training — from JM and Hilow, Hilow and Pawel, Tod and guests, and more
  • A handful of special Inner Circle training features!

As I type this, I have two sick children at home…but assuming they both recover in time, we’re flying to New England on the 24th for a week and a half on the beach with my family. I’ll be using this week for intensive deep-dives into NFL research and Best Ball drafting; and when I return home, I’ll be putting together a Best Ball course that will go live on August 7 — the same day Hilow’s new Best Ball course will also go live!

Around August 20, another wave of Marketplace courses will go live — with a heavy emphasis on roster construction, including:

  • A new Masterclass from Xandamere
  • A new Tournament Training course from Sonic
  • A Roster Construction course from me
  • & more!

And finally, Week 1 content will begin to roll onto the site on Tuesday, September 7 (kicking off with the NFL Edge!).

You’ll probably hear from me in your inbox one more time before Week 1 (I’ll drop a quick update — with some discounts and promos — when our second wave of Marketplace courses go live!).

Until then: start keeping an eye on the site around August 7

And go cancel your OWS subscription (before August 20, for the FULL, locked-in-for-life discount!).

See you at the top of the leaderboards soon (& can hardly wait to see you in The Classroom!).