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Finding Profitable Bets

Step 1 :: Read the 3 bullet points below the video
Step 2 :: Watch the video!

Why We Have This Lesson

  • It’s not easy to make money betting. It’s marketed as being easy, but most people lose money over time.
  • We spend about 45 minutes in this lesson diving into what Cory looks for in profitable bets: how he processes information // how he sees odds // how he positions his bankroll to keep growing over time.

Pro Tip ::

  • My mic was acting a big wonky in this one, and the Internet lags in a couple spots. Also (as you know!), I talk slowly at times (as does Cory). Solution for all this: Click the “Settings” icon in the lower right corner of the video, then switch speed from Normal to 1.25x. This feeds out the information at a better pace, and also smooths out a few of the issues that annoy my “perfectionist” side. [Again: Settings || Speed to 1.25x]

Final Note ::

We make a few references to the Discord channel and the extra videos that are going to be added here; but those videos ended up not coming together. If you purchased this course before those videos ended up not coming together (as you’re aware), we’ve taken care of you in other ways! If you purchased this course after those videos ended up not coming together (as you’re aware), we dropped the price and changed the listings on the sales page to account for what the course now contains!

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