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Bye Week:

A Seismic Shift In Financial Expectations

Nearly 2 years ago, I told my business partner (my dad) that I didn’t want to run the family business anymore. Actually, I had been feeling that way for at least a few years, but honestly, my excuses derailed any chances of making that happen. I knew I had more potential in business and really, life in general, than what was afforded to me through the confines of our modest family business. I knew it was time to move on, but it was actually my wife’s encouragement and support that really gave me the extra push to venture into something new. The other driving factor for this change was I actually had a pretty good idea of what type of business I wanted to explore next. So I made my decision, and began to put the wheels of change into motion to start a business selling products on Amazon. 

Now, fast forward only a couple years later, and in the last 12 months, my Amazon business has total sales of about $220,000 with a total profit of about $142,000. I’m nowhere close to being a millionaire, and I’m not quite “rich” by some American standards, but for myself (and most people), these numbers are life changing! But perhaps more importantly than the numbers, my favorite aspect of this business is the noticeably low amount of time I dedicate to it each week, especially compared to my friends still stuck in the rat race. 

Full disclosure, this is not a get rich quick scheme! 

To be fair, this business does require a bit more effort and research up front, but currently, I am working this business from home (and coffee shops), probably about 20 hours a week. This business has afforded me the margin in my time and finances that I have dreamed about since graduating from college 10 years ago. We all have our own unique passions and hobbies that most of us wish we had more time to pursue. For me, this meant I could now dedicate 15-20 hours a week in the Spring to coaching high school soccer for next to nothing on the pay scale. Or, my wife and I could easily travel midweek and stay overnight after attending an out of State concert for a friend’s birthday. Do you know how many people from our friend group said “I wish I could be there,” but couldn’t due to work related conflicts? An exhausting, time consuming career is the expectation in our society, but doesn’t that expectation deter us from living our best life?

One of the elements that excites me the most about my experience is that I don’t feel like I was lucky. I know enough successful people in the Amazon seller world to very confidently report that I am not an anomaly! Yes, I researched like hell for about a month, but through that, I was able to take bits and pieces from other successful sellers, and create a personalized road map to success that I truly want to share with as many people as possible. I believe in this! In fact, after just a few months of selling random products on my own, I quickly realized the potential, and I helped set up an Amazon store for my struggling family business that has now exceeded the sales of my personal Amazon store using the exact same techniques! Through Amazon, my family business has now almost doubled its revenue. We actually struck gold with one product that profits (on average) over $10,000 a month! And for initiating and monitoring the current operation, I worked out a deal to where I receive half of all Amazon profits from my family business. This means that through the family business alone, I am currently making about 3x what my admittedly humble salary was when I was working there about 40-50 hours a week, while currently working there now about 4-5 hours a week.  What blows my mind is that I genuinely feel like I am just scratching the surface and we have so much more room for growth!  

Even before I began selling on Amazon, I had a strong expectation that it was going to be a successful business venture for me. I read about enough success stories, and dedicated myself to consuming as much information as possible, that I soon began to see a clear and realistic picture detailing how my efforts would be successful. And when early sales exceeded my own modest expectations, I remember thinking about how “someday” I wanted to help family and friends replicate and even exceed what I’ve done. Looking back, I realize that it was actually a couple of Amazon seller courses I had purchased (similar to what I am offering here) that put me on the fast track to success. Through those courses, I have found that for me, this has been by far the best way to make an income and live the lifestyle that I had always dreamed about. I’m passionate about these results, and seeing others achieve it as well, and that is why I wrote a course of my own to share with others!

Another great reason to give an Amazon business a shot, is the risk/reward factor. I believe that you can realistically start an Amazon business for around $1200 and a few extra dedicated work hours during the week. No need to find an investor. No need to quit your day job (at least not while you’re starting). No need for ecommerce experience. All you need is a computer, internet access, and the drive and effort necessary to be successful. So many people just like you have tried and succeeded in the world of selling on Amazon, and there’s no reason why you can’t as well. There’s a reason Jeff Bezos (CEO and founder of Amazon) is the richest man in the world. It is because his product works, and you can piggyback off of its unbelievable success as well.

Now obviously, this isn’t for everyone. But if you have been looking for a way to break out of the grind of a 9 to 5 job — a way to take more control over your schedule, and your free time, while making great money with a high ceiling — then I encourage you to consider committing to this course, and taking the steps necessary to open up new pathways into an independent lifestyle.

Inside, I’ll walk you through what you need to know from start to finish. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • My Journey: a look at who I am, how I got started on this, and the steps I took to reach the level where I am today.
  • A detailed look at the ins and outs of this business
  • How to select and source products that will maximize your profit (with examples from my own experiences detailed inside)
  • How to create a quality listing and maximize your income (with examples from my own experiences detailed inside)
  • A look at everything you need to do to get started on this path on your own!