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Amazon Third-Party Seller Course

Why We Have This Course ::

  • From JM :: Last summer, I grabbed dinner with my former roommate Jake, who had made $142,000 (profit) as an Amazon third-party seller over the previous 12 months. Jake had been an Amazon third-party seller for about two years at that point, and he was working under 20 hours a week. A couple days after I hung out with him, I reached out to him about writing this course, as this can be a literal life-changer for subscribers who are looking for more upside, more freedom, and more flexibility in life.

Who This Course Is For ::

  • If you have an established career, and/or if you enjoy what you do for a living, this course is unlikely to match up with what you are looking for. This course is also not a match for anyone looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, as the startup phase of this journey (the first one to three months) requires dedicated time, effort, and “work.”
  • But if you are recently out of college (or like my nephew: deciding to forego college in search of a path with more upside), or if you have a job that you can’t stand going to each week and you are looking to put in a few months of dedicated effort in order to clear wide-open paths to (legitimately) an entirely different lifestyle, I encourage you to check out the first four lessons of this course (all of which are free), and to decide if it’s the right move for you to keep going forward with this from there.
  • When my wife and I got married eight years ago, I worked from home (or from “anywhere”) as a freelance writer, and she was stuck in a standard-schedule job as an orthodontist assistant (a job that would have taken her eight years to make what Jake makes in one…). We had a paycheck issue/dispute with that job a few months into our marriage, and I said to her that night, ‘This is not the life we want to live. Let’s get you out of that job, and we’ll figure out a way to make that money from home.’ That was one of the best decisions we ever made, as it has enabled us to travel all over the country, and all over the world, without ever worrying about taking time off from work or dealing with a boss or meshing with someone else’s agenda.
  • That is genuinely my goal for every subscriber on One Week Season; and that is why I’m so excited to get this course onto the site. If you are looking for that type of freedom (both financially, and in terms of schedule!), this course just might be exactly the first step (or…the first five or six steps!) you’ve been looking for. I would say, “Just ask Jake”…but he’s out of the country as I type this: living his best life.
Click here to sample the first FOUR lessons for free!

Start Gaining Ground ::

We are making Jake’s Amazon Third-Party Seller Course available to you through the form below for “only” $190 — which is about 10% to 20% of what a course like this would typically cost. Because this is still a non-negligible cash layout, however, we also wanted to share the thought process that went into that price :: In this lower-demand niche, we needed to give Jake enough upside for it to be worth his time to write the course (after all, he and his wife have beaches to hit up…), but we wanted to still price it low enough to not be prohibitive for those of you who are serious about starting something new. Follow the link above if you would like to sample the first four lessons for free. Once you complete your purchase, direct access to the course will be delivered to your profile page.

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