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Xandamere’s Cash Game Formula


Going A Level Deeper

We got a great question this week from a user that some of you may have been wondering yourself. Here was the question that he asked us to pass along to Xandamere ::

Based on his “magic formula” for showdown slates, I have only been able to get that combo in for one of the last four showdown slates beginning last Thursday, and that was the OAK game captaining the cheapest kicker. Trying to get the formula to work by captaining anyone other than the cheapest kicker does not seem possible as I have not found a way to get his formula to work based on salary restrictions otherwise. Just would like some advice if I’m screwing something up, or am I not understanding it correctly, or has something changed from last year? I would like to try the suggestions he made in the fantastic article because it made sense to me and it’s frustrating I can’t get it to work.

This was Xandamere’s response, which I wanted to pass along to you as well, as I found it to be really helpful myself ::

So, the formula’s a guideline — those are the positions that lock up the majority of the scoring. You don’t have to follow it exactly. In the GB @ CHI game I ended up with Montgomery captain, Aaron Jones, the 2 QBs, the Chicago kicker, and Adam Shaheen — so, 5 parts of the formula and a strong value play (that one failed miserably, but it fit the formula!). In the NE game the guy I skipped was Big Ben because the Pats secondary is just SO good that it’s hard for me to see QBs excelling — in that one I used Sony Michel captain in cash because he let me use Brady and Conner, the main other plays I wanted. In the HOU@NO game I used Latavius Murray at captain (4k base salary for the old Mark Ingram role was an easy one) which let me use Watson, Brees, Kamara, Duke Johnson, and Will Lutz. Finally, in the Oakland game, I have Josh Jacobs at captain, both QBs, Lindsay, McManus, and Ryan Grant (who was announced as a starting WR at just $200).

It’s not common that you’ll get the full formula to work with a bellcow RB or elite QB at your captain spot — you have to look for where there’s value (such as Ryan Grant, or Latavius Murray, or Adam Shaheen) to let you fit in MOST of the “formula” guys. At the end of the day, the basic structure is that you want to bias towards RBs, QBs, and kickers over receivers, but sometimes you need 1 receiver to make it work or there’s just a guy who is such a strong value that you can’t pass it up.

I also played the 2 midday Showdowns on Sunday — I’d have to go dig around for my lineups because they’re all mixed up with all the Sunday MME I did, but I won one and lost one, thus “the formula” is currently 4-2 on the young season.