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Willing To Lose Saturday Divisional.21.

What’s amazing about DFS on this upcoming Divisional Weekend slate is how last weekend’s games mostly went according to plan. We had the expected wins from Cincinnati and Tampa Bay, in the almost expected fashions. We had Kansas City steamroll Pittsburgh when their offense looked better than expected and they introduced Mr. Jerick McKinnon to the world (for anyone wondering, I played 3/6 of him in my lineups last week, but not solely because of Darrel’s injury but rather I saw his usage in the Week 18 Denver game and he just flat out looked like the best KC back to me. I also paid up at almost all WR/TE spots last week . . . sometimes you get lucky.) In the unexpected category, we had the Buffalo beatdown of New England, which some expected, but with the weather, it surprised us along with the San Francisco and Dallas game hitting the under, and perhaps the shocking blowout the Rams engineered in Arizona on MNF. 

I say this is amazing news because as we look ahead to this weekend we have such strong narratives in play. For instance, both the KC and Buffalo offenses are unstoppable, what a high-scoring game we have coming our way on Sunday! The 49ers are so well balanced, so well-coached and have so many weapons! Even the Bucs and Rams winning in such convincing styles, shedding any doubt they will be firing on all cylinders again (injuries permitting on the Bucs side) in their game as well. In addition, we get the number one seeds returning to action coming off rest (which people tend to overrate) and we can talk ourselves into them as the clear best teams. Anyway, this was more than you wanted to read, but this is one of my favorite weekends for DFS. Some of these narrative threads will continue, some will look silly in hindsight, and it’s our job to sift through and figure it out!

Where will you be willing to lose this weekend?

AJ Dillon & George Kittle

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