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Willing To Lose 3.22

Larejo is a mid-stakes tournament mastermind who specializes in outmaneuvering 150-max players with a small number of entries

We’ve all been there.

Standing over a little white ball. Thinking about where your feet are positioned. Are you bending your back enough? Too much? What about your hands? Are they in the right spot? What about your hip turn? Don’t forget to keep your head down. Follow through on contact. Is anybody watching you? Stressed out yet? (If golf doesn’t relate to you, replace it with a baseball swing or a tennis serve). 

Building DFS lineups can be like taking a golf swing. So much to think about. We want to “think it through” and not forget about any rules or focuses we previously coached ourselves up on. Our brains are working in overdrive and if we aren’t careful, we can reach a state of analysis paralysis. Before you know it, you’re standing over the same white ball and you have absolutely no idea what to do. We need to strive for simplification.

My best lineups I’ve played over my near decade of DFS play have come from some of my earliest thoughts on the week. They’ve come on weeks where I’ve singularly focused on one site (ahem, OWS since 2018) and made a true effort to cut out the noise of others’ opinions. If you look hard enough, subscribe to multiple sites, and spend enough time on Twitter, you’ll see almost every player talked about as a good play. And if a player has not been mentioned in the mainstream throughout the week, well then you get the creeping Saturday night / Sunday morning thoughts and notes on why player X, who no one seems to be on, might actually be the catalyst you need on the slate.

Week 3

The way I see it this week, we have two options. After last Sunday’s game stacking success in the Miami / Baltimore game (Congrats OWS Fam! Truly warms my heart reading the Binks channel on Discord on Sunday nights!), we’re VERY likely to see higher rates this week of QB double-stacks (two WRs, ala Tyreek and Waddle) with AT LEAST one bring back. The two options we have in front of us, therefore, are: do we move with the herd and try to stack up the games of our choosing with at least four, maybe five players? Or do we choose to stack less than the field this week, knowing the likely copycat mentality of the world we live in? You already know my preferred answer . . . but I’ll also be looking to the extremes on both ends of this strategy this week.

Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill (and friends)

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