Bye Week:

Willing To Lose 17.21.

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When I set out on my OWS journey a few seasons ago, like many of you jumping over and following JM from RotoGrinders, I had no idea what to expect. My singular thought at the time was this guy writes the best weekly articles on RG NFL, and if he’s only going to charge $40 for a season subscription, I’ll give him a try. And when I made this move, I didn’t anticipate writing content and contributing to this site because frankly, DFS was a side hustle for me (like it is for many of you). I was writing articles here and there for the RotoGrinders Forums, but only when I found myself with some extra time. However, as my journey has evolved, I have to say being able to explore my own writing chops, as well as having any kind of voice in this incredibly sharp community at OWS has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience.

We still have two regular-season weeks left and some playoff football upcoming, but I wanted to make sure I say thank you to all of you who have read this space this season. I’ll second the notion again before the season wraps up but it’s been so cool analyzing these games with all of you and chasing the elusive first-place prizes. Thanks again for your time this season and I can’t wait to see how many binks we pull down in Week 17!

Week 17 Overview

This week’s slate is full of games. It’s likely you have just read in The Oracle about how the main slate is carrying 14 games (most on the season), and how we are again dealing with COVID adjustments as well as many games with large spreads this week. Inevitably, with a slate this large, we have to “x” out certain games as we cannot cover every square. For me, a few of those games include Giants/Bears, Raiders/Colts, and Dolphins/Titans, while possibly also including Lions/Seahawks and Broncos/Chargers (pains me to say, but with how slow Denver is and their low game totals this season coupled with constant underperformance lately from the Chargers, I’ll let others go here). I’m also only considering one angle respectively (QB + DEF) in both the Panthers/Saints and Eagles/Washington games.

Let’s dive in…

Elijah Mitchell and/or Jeff Wilson Jr.

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