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Willing To Lose 16.21.

Larejo is a mid-stakes tournament mastermind who specializes in outmaneuvering 150-max players with a small number of entries

*This writing is as of late Thursday night, if any players below are affected by COVID, I’ll be in the Discord Sunday morning with updates* 

It’s Week 16, and by now, we’ve preached enough in this space and across The Oracle all season long, so I’ll keep this intro section brief, hitting on a few core foundations and then getting right after it on the plays and strategies that could go overlooked this Sunday.

This slate is unique in its own way simply because it’s taking place on a holiday weekend. Add in the COVID news and adjustments the NFL players and DFS players are making, and we have a chaotic weekend ahead. The great news is that on OWS, we’re here for the agility. As we learned last week, our community is uniquely positioned to profit off others’ laziness and inability to react and be flexible with their lineup-building processes.

This week, when you lock in lineups for Sunday, make sure you cover the news, search for ceilings, and build lineups like nobody’s watching. I’ll continue to drive this home, but the easiest way to be unique is really to be in your vacuum. You’ve read enough content by now, and developed and sharpened your own process that your initial thoughts and analysis should be enough. So long as they are your thoughts. If you want to take down big prizes, you need to be yourself. Stay within your typical boundaries, and add a little bit of discomfort somewhere. And who knows, maybe this will be your week!

Patrick Mahomes + two Chiefs skill position players (+ game stack)

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