Monday, Nov 28th

Ravens @ Bucs

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


This game could go a bunch of different ways. Both teams have offenses that are packed with talent, though Tampa has struggled all year. Baltimore started the year off hot but has only put up between 19 and 23 points in four straight games (still better than the Bucs!). Overall, I think it’s less likely that the Ravens offense fails than the Bucs, but neither would really surprise me.

Potential Scenarios
  • Both teams have struggled on offense this year at times (though for Baltimore, they’ve still scored 19 or more points in every game, so “struggle” is relative). One team dominating the other is very much in play here.
  • I think the way most of the field is likely to build is around a higher-scoring game with most of the ownership concentrated on the passing game (Fournette won’t go completely overlooked or anything, but I’d guess we see Andrews and Godwin, at least, come in at higher ownership than Fournette). So . . . what if the touchdowns come on the ground?

In cash games, my player pool consists of Lamar, Brady, the kickers, Andrews, Godwin, and Brate if he’s active. 


In tournaments, my favorite captains are Andrews, Evans, Lamar, Fournette, and Edwards (I know, I said I don’t like the Ravens RBs . . . but I expect nobody else will, either, and I always want to be overweight guys with multi-TD upside at low ownership). 

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