Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

The ‘One Week Season’ Survivor Contest On FantasyDraft!


(Unfamiliar with FantasyDraft strategy and scoring? We have you covered!)


OWS fam :: We have teamed up with FantasyDraft to create an awesome One Week Season survivor contest for you!

Here’s how it will work:

The field will fill at 456 entries, with a two-entry max (we’ve already filled one! — and we expect the second contest to fill quickly as well, so get in there while you can). The entry fee is $5, and — with FantasyDraft chipping in over $1k in FantasyDraft Cash and contest tickets — the contest is effectively rake-free. (We as players will invest a total of $2280…and the payout pool is worth over $3k! — which is just a ridiculous deal.)

The contest will run Weeks 1 through 5, with the top 70% of the field moving on each week. The 114 entries that survive to Week 5 are all guaranteed a payout — and will compete that week for $3k in prize money.

Final bonus: If you are new to FantasyDraft, your second entry will be absolutely free!

Survivor contests are among my favorite ways to play DFS, and this is an awesome way for all of us to jump into a contest together and put our skills to the test. (If you are unfamiliar with FantasyDraft, it’s also a great way to get your feet wet on a site that has overlay and weak player pools far more often than FanDuel and DraftKings do — which means easier money throughout the season!)

My two entries for the (second!) contest are already locked in place. Hop in there with me, and let’s meet up at the top of the leaderboards when Week 5 rolls around.