Thursday, Sep 7th
Monday, Sep 11th

The First Live DFS Education Event!

When DFS Education asked me a couple months ago if I wanted to team up with them for their first live event, my one hesitation was that I didn’t want subscribers to The One Week Season to ever feel like I was holding anything back from them. But after thinking it over, I realized that one of the really cool things about an event like this is that it allows me to take the pieces of thought and information that are scattered across articles, podcasts, NFL Edge game breakdowns, NFL Edge intros, etc., and to structure all those thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, compact unit. It’s not that you couldn’t find all this information on the site; but this is an awesome way to pick up this stuff more quickly, in a succinct and powerful package. At the event, I’ll be doing a pair of 40-minute segments, expounding on the Playing NFL DFS For Profit course that is free to OWS family members.

Additionally, a livestream ticket or — if you’ll be in or around Vegas next weekend — a ticket to the live event(!) will also get you access to the DFS insights and expertise of numerous other players, including an exclusive video course from #1 ranked player Awesomo (plus, you can’t beat the perks of a $2500 free-roll on DraftKings and a $1500 survivor free-roll on FantasyDraft!). After your 20% off, you’re looking at $119.99 for the live event or $79.99 for the livestream — which is an awesome deal for insights into several key DFS minds in a single day. If it makes sense for your bankroll, I want to encourage you to check out the site and see if this event looks like a good fit for you. If it is, use JMToWin as the promo code when you check out, and they’ll hook you up with your 20% discount.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

And I’ll see you at the top of the leaderboards this weekend.