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Thanksgiving Crunch

Thanksgiving Crunch is an Inner Circle feature that can be found late on Wednesday night and non-IC members can receive a chunk of the content. Mike also adds updated thoughts to Discord on Thursday mornings for Inner Circle members.

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Cream of the Crop

TJ Hockenson is, by far, the most explosive tight end playing on Thursday. Bill Belichick is notorious for “taking away” the top opposing weapon (i.e. Justin Jefferson). In theory, this would filter more work towards Hockenson, who has already seen at least nine targets in all three games since joining the Vikings. The Patriots also play man coverage on almost half of their defensive snaps which ranks 2nd highest in the league. This means that Hockenson is very likely to see the most volume at his position, in single coverage against overmatched LBs and safeties, and has the ability to break big plays. Despite his heavy usage on the Vikings, Hockenson has yet to score a TD for them, which is something I think changes rather quickly.

Changing Dynamics

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