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SuperDraft Free Throw

April 5th

>>> Xandamere

What a busy news day as guys have been getting ruled out left and right throughout the afternoon. Because of all of the news, and because today Superdraft’s slate doesn’t start later than the other sites (since the NBA has almost every game starting at 7pm EST today), this one is going to be short and sweet.

From a strategy perspective: Luka is going to project well without Porzingis, Russ is going to project well without Beal, but my personal approach here is going to be to, as per usual, fade the studs that don’t come with multipliers. Russ is great but I’m ok betting he doesn’t get 70, and that’s what he would need to really hurt me.


Fox is probably the best overall play here, as despite his really strong play Superdraft hasn’t really budged him from his 1.3 multiplier. Past that I’m fading the studs and looking at a plethora of higher-multiplier guards who project well and can get up to some really big scores if they run hot: Kenrich Williams, Sexton, Mykhailiuk, Haliburton, White, Maledon, Hield, Garland, and even Jerome are all interesting high-multiplier plays to me today. If you want to stay a bit safer, Kyrie Irving really shouldn’t have a 1.25 multiplier when guys like Booker and DeRozan are at 1.3 – I’d rather play him than Harden. DeRozan, Booker, Paul, Edwards, and Murray are other lower-multiplier plays that I think still have sufficient upside to be relevant.


Forward is a spot where I want to have a narrower focus today as there are more standout plays and fewer in the next tier compared to guard. Towns, Siakam, and Anunoby are head-and-shoulders above the rest. Stewart has a nice fat 1.8 multiplier in a starting role (and can be played at forward, thanks SD!), while Grant, Wood, Holmes, and Randle round out my forward pool. It’s a small pool for me here as the top 3 plays outproject the others so materially that I want to be overweight on all of them rather than trying to play darts with weaker plays.


Towns and Stewart can be used here, of course, or you could roll out Poeltl or Pokusevski as reasonable options. I’ll probably also have a smidge of Gobert against a Zinger-less Mavs team but I think I’m stopping there.