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Steelers @ Colts

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way Vegas thinks this game plays out is a close-fought, low-scoring slugfest. Vegas is usually right, so I’ll put this as the “likeliest” outcome, but I think this game has some really interesting tributaries you can build around.

Potential Scenarios
  • The Colts have gone back to being run-heavy in their last two games, but this matchup really leans them toward the passing game. I really like building around Ryan/Pittman/Campbell and hoping the passing attack hits while JT has a mediocre game.
  • The Vegas total has the game as close to a toss-up, but I expect we’ll see heavier ownership overall on the Colts . . . what if the Steelers win? What if the Steelers stomp the Colts? Remember that despite all the passing early in the season by Ryan, Indy only exceeded 20 points once in their first seven games. 
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of the quarterbacks, JT (just because of the strength of his role), Freiermuth, Campbell, the kickers, and Snell if Warren is inactive (if Warren is active and you need a punt play to make things work, I’m not opposed to Sims or Gunner). 


In tournaments, my favorite captains are Pittman, Campbell, Pickens, and Freiermuth in that order.

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