Sunday, Feb 11th — Late
Bye Week:

Sonic’s MME Pool 7.23

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play

Why Not Us?

Yes, this slate is ugly as hell. But it turns out DraftKings is still awarding a million dollars to the best roster, so I’ve decided to submit a copious number of lineups. Someone is still going to win, so let’s build rosters with as much upside as possible. 

As you know, this space is not for team “play the best plays”. We have every angle covered here at OWS. My job is to help us dig for some lower-owned spots and some duos that can access high ceilings should their respective games shoot out.

Secondary Core-Relations

We’re always hunting for those high-ceiling combinations to add to our existing game stacks. It’s better to aim at getting four things right instead of trying to hit a nine-way parlay. I’ll lean on a handful of core secondary stacks that will be finessed into lineups whenever feasible.

Cooper Kupp/Diontae Johnson

I like fantasy points. Therefore, I’ll be playing a ton of Cooper Kupp. Sadly, I will not be alone in this venture as he should be owned in the 20-25% range. Diontae appears to be coming in at around 9% ownership. On a shorter slate like this, a $5000 target hog at sub-10% is something I consider a discount. Hopefully, he’s at full health because he could be the key to unlocking this struggling Steelers offense and pushing this game into overdrive. 

Curtis Samuel/Saquon Barkley (or Darius Slayton)

Samuel’s involvement in the Commanders offense has been encouraging (29 opportunities on the season), and his efficiency has been ridiculous (84.6% catch rate). He’s also a valued weapon in the red zone with eight opportunities. The other three Washington receivers have only five looks combined. If they are approaching the scoring area, Samuels is on the field and either he or an RB is likely to touch the football. 

The games in which Curtis posted a desirable score all occurred when his team needed to aggressively keep pace with their opponent. This brings us to the Giants. Some positives came out of their 14-9 loss in Buffalo last week. Saquon Barkley was given 29 (👀) opportunities and a pecking order was seemingly established in the wide receiver room. If Tyrod Taylor plays again this week, I like Darius Slayton, especially if he sticks around his current ownership projection of 1.5%. If this game is going to ignite, a deep connection to Slayton could be the catalyst.  

I’ll be running Terry McLaurin and (gulp) Johan Dotson across from these guys as well.

Mark Andrews/Sam LaPorta 

Please don’t show this to Xandamere. I don’t need that kind of noise today. 

Most double tight end lineups include at least one in the very cheap price range. This is because recreational DFS players don’t have OWS in their lives and they aren’t familiar with the bottom-up approach to roster building. They jam in their favorite players and then say “shit, I only have $3300 average salary left for a tight end, flex, and defense”. Not a ton of rosters will have these two tight ends, especially without their quarterbacks.

Andrews and LaPorta are both cases where they project comparably to the receivers priced around them, so we aren’t sacrificing a ton of projection here. Marquise Brown is priced the same as LaPorta but he comes with twice the ownership and could be somewhat fragile since Josh Dobbs has come back down to earth. Plus, I like the idea of hammering this price range and using guys like Brown and Christian Watson in lineups with this pairing. A Packers stack where we fade the chalky Luke Musgrave in favor of two other tight ends will be unique and affordable. 

This game would likely need to exceed its Vegas total and/or have the touchdowns concentrated around these guys for this play to work, but you can say that about almost every angle in large-field tournaments.

Lower-Owned Treasures

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