Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

Sonic’s MME Pool 7.22

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play


I’m sitting outside on a cloudy Saturday in California, hand building copious amounts of Milly rosters. 

Life is good.

I feel like anything can happen this week so I’m stacking several different games in hopes of having some type of sweat on Sunday. It feels like a perfect week to correlate so I’m embracing my inner control freak and adding secondary and even third correlations to my QB stacks. 

Hope my notes below provide a good “at a glance” point of reference to how myself and our OWS big brains are seeing this slate. 

Embrace the uncertainty and let it rip, Gang!

Cya in the gameday-chat channel. LFG!




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