Sunday, Feb 11th — Late
Bye Week:

Sonic’s MME Pool 5.23

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play

Sweat Equity

We play this game for money, right? Of course…but I must admit, it’s the sweat that attracts me to this game. That’s probably why I insist on stacking almost every quarterback at least once. If a certain game goes off, I at least want a piece. FOMO is bad because it expands your player pool so much, but NMO (Not Missing Out) is so FUN! 

Last Sunday was awesome. One of those days I’ll never forget. 

But we’re on to Week 5. 

I love this slate. I didn’t at first because the smaller size (10 games) makes it harder to find low-owned pieces that the field hasn’t discovered. This gives OWS a distinct advantage over the field because we aren’t just player-pickers. We’re roster constructors. We’re going to eat plenty of chalk this week, but if we do so in a thoughtful way, we won’t feel the need to shower after each click. 


I’m clicking David Montgomery. Chalk be damned!

Secondary Core-Relations

We’re always hunting for those high-ceiling combinations to add to our existing game stacks. It’s better to aim at getting four things right instead of trying to hit a nine-way parlay. I’ll lean on a handful of core secondary stacks that will be finessed into lineups whenever feasible.


“Stars and Scrubs” rosters will be prevalent this week, so I’ll be using mostly players that cost between $4800 and $7500. But I’m not leaving this slate without some Patrick Mahomes/Travis Swift lineups. I’m not crossing off Jalen Hurts/A.J. Brown. Hell no. We’ll need to dip into the bargain bin to some extent. For large-field MME play, I’ll be trying hard to be different. 

Justin Jefferson will be around 20% owned this week. That means he’ll be featured in approximately 40,000 lineups in the Milly. How much of the public will feel compelled to pair JJ with one (or both) of Wan’dale Robinson/Kalif Raymond? Well, I was told there would be no math…but it’s more than we want to play into. 

Q. Who played the most snaps of any Chiefs receiver last week? Rashee Rice? No. It was Justin Watson. The Chiefs are gradually coming into form, learning what works and who they can trust. One Watson TD from distance could leave Wan’Dale and Kalif rendered limp.

Is this a play a bit on the thin side? Yes, but low-owned, cheap pieces with the upside to catapult past thousands of similar rosters are going to come with their share of risk.

Puka Nacua/DeVonta Smith

The downside of this play is the cost. Paying $15,100 for this pairing puts you on the hunt for value. The good news is that they’re ownership averages about 5%, allowing you to grab one or two of the chalky value plays without feeling like you’ll be holding hands with thousands of casual Milly hopefuls. Also, both guys can break a slate. Is it less likely with the presence of AJB and Cooper Kupp? Yes, but low-owned receivers with massive upside on a 10-game slate are going to come with their share of risk.

Derrick Henry/Michael Pittman

Of all the less-sexy game environments, this one appears to have a sneaky path to exceed expectations. The Colts offense may open up with the added inspiration of backfield threat, Jonathan Taylor. Pittman put up a dud last week but put up 8/97/1 in Anthony Richardson’s last (mostly) healthy game. If this game does catch fire, these two would be likely sources of the spark. 

I like this one on FanDuel because the Colts have been susceptible to rushing TDs this year and Henry will be only about 10% owned, providing leverage against his chalky teammate, DeAndre Hopkins.

Raheem Mostert/No One

Last week in this space I mentioned Nico Collins as a lower-owned, high-upside piece to play opposite the Steelers guys that were projecting as chalk. Keeping with the theme of putting your money where your mouth is, I played 23% Nico at 5% ownership, and believe it or not, it didn’t help me much at all. Yep, across the two main sites, I had 69 Nico lineups and somehow none of them appeared in the rosters that contributed to my Sunday winnings. Why? Over-correlation. I went too crazy with pairing Collins with a Steeler, the Steelers died, and I was left with a shit-ton of min-cashes and near-misses.

The GPP mind in me didn’t even like those Steeler guys. All were fragile and over-owned on an offense that can be easily diagnosed by defenses. Yuck. 

So, this week my favorite MME play is the lower owned of the two Dolphins running backs without anyone from the other side. The highest-owned secondary stack on this slate will be De’Von Achane/Wan’Dale Robinson, and for good reason. They both project ridiculously well for their price. But be warned, this pairing will not only be duped a gazillion times, but it will also lead you to a roster construction that will be far from unique. These two may appear together in some of my lineups, but only ones that are otherwise very contrarian. I just built a Ravens/Steelers stack where the first four pieces averaged 5.2% projected ownership. That’s WTF I’m talking about. 
I’m legit scared that Mostert’s current ownership of 7.4% ends up more like 14% because literally every podcast I consumed this week mentioned him as the obvious leverage play. We shall see.

Lower-Owned Treasures

Running Back

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