Sunday, Feb 11th — Late
Bye Week:

Sonic’s MME Pool 3.23

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Writing this little column helped my game immensely last week. I put my own thoughts into my lineups and managed to come within two (f**king) rushing yards of a seven-figure score. I mention this not because it will be helpful to anyone, but because I’m self-centered and desperate for validation. 

OK, maybe there is a process lesson here. You’ve consumed a bunch of content this week. You’ve crunched the numbers and thought through a bunch of scenarios in your own unique way. The question then becomes, did you really play the way you wanted to? It’s common to get to Sunday afternoon and lament the fact that we knew things were going to unfold a certain way but just didn’t hammer it. That’s why the “That was so obvious, how did I not see It” section of The Oracle is so useful. Not just to glom onto the thoughts of our OWS sharps, but to put you in that mode. Complete your process this week by writing down your own version of this exercise. Ensure you are making rosters that intentionally utilize the ideas you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. 

Then, turn on the games and watch flawed human beings define the term “variance” and fuck it all up. 

At least you’ll sleep like a baby knowing that you played the way you intended. 

Secondary Core-Relations

We’re always hunting for those high-ceiling combinations to add to our existing game stacks. It’s better to aim at getting four things right instead of trying to hit a nine-way parlay. I’ll lean on a handful of core secondary stacks that will be finessed into lineups whenever feasible.

Tyreek Hill/Courtland Sutton 

Betting on single pieces of opposing concentrated offenses is a great way to build correlation into a lineup without utilizing the quarterback. Denver isn’t exactly as concentrated as I’d like but game script could dictate exaggerated pass volume here. There is a soft spot in the Dolphins zone defense hovering in whatever area Eli Apple resides. Perhaps Sutton and/or Jerry Jeudy can exploit it. 

I like building this duo into stacks of the popular MIN/LAC game. Leaving Justin Jefferson off these rosters gives us a path to first place should the game shoot out, but Tyreek manages to outscore Jefferson. 

Texans Pass Catcher/Jaguars Pass Catcher

We won’t be gaining any kind of ownership advantage with this one, but the upside and salary savings are notable. Houston has allowed CJ Stroud to learn on the job by slinging it all over the place. This is buoyed by the fact that their offensive line is incapable of creating yards in the running game. Enter the Jaguars who rank 3rd in points to opposing RBs and we should see little change in the WR volume on Sunday. 

The absence of Zay Jones (knee) serves to condense the Jags offense considerably. Combos such with Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk or Evan Engram on one side, and Nico Collins/Tank Dell or even Robert Woods on the other are very much in play for me in Week 3. 

Stefon Diggs/Johan Dotson 

Ownership could come in under 10% combined and both players are capable of making huge plays. 

Nelson Agholor/Josh Downs (or Alec Pierce) 

This is a price-considered correlation that could produce a 5x outcome while simultaneously opening salary for those hard-to-reach studs. These players could each put up tournament-winning scores without necessarily bringing their quarterbacks into the optimal. Although if both of these Colts get there…hello Mr. Minshew INSERT EYEBALL LOOK EMOJI HERE

Did I mention that both Agholor and Pierce are projected to be less than 2% owned?

Lower-Owned Treasures

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