Thursday, Sep 21st

Sonic’s MME Pool 17.22

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play


Week 17 Madness!

I’m actually doing less hand builds this week because I believe the slate might hinge on some unexpected news that could break late. Not uncommon this week for a team like the Bears to decide to sit someone like David Montgomery to protect against injury. Avoiding offseason complications in terms of draft pick compensation for losing free agents etc, may end up being a priority.

Much easier to react to this stuff in the optimizer than by hand-tweaking dozens of rosters.

My other issue on this slate is at RB where I’ve made some tough cuts and still have 20 dudes in my freaking pool. Yikes.

Week 18 is likely a complete shit show so I’m not sure I’ll be doing this article again this year. If not, it’s been a pleasure serving you degenerate sickos this year and I’ll look forward to tilting playoff tourneys with you in Discord.





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