Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

Sonic’s MME Player Pool 15.21.

Sonic is a Milly Maker winner and large-field tournament mastermind who focuses on mass-multi-entry play

Welcome To The Suck!

Unless you’ve been under a rock all week, you’ve been made aware that this slate is FUBAR. This could seem like a negative to some but I refuse to see it that way. Chalk is forming in some fragile places, ready to be exploited. I don’t think I’m running any full fades of the chalk but I am semi-fading almost all of it.

The loss of one late game diminishes our late swap template game a little bit. I will still build 2-3 clones with low-owned running backs and/or secondary stacks from the early games.

Embrace the uncertainty. Think on your feet. Be organized. Do not forget to take a deep breath and a step back before locking in your strategy for this slate. It’s easy to focus on getting all of the news incorporated into your process and then neglect to think strategically. Handle both of these elements together and you’ll have a distinct advantage on the field.

Be bold and CRUSH!


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