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Single-Game Mastery

Why We Have This Course ::

  • The Main Slate for DFS is still beatable (though for the most part, you have to be pretty good), and you can find plenty of arguments (and even plenty of examples) that NFL lines are beatable (though for the most part, you have to be really good), but there are two key areas where major inefficiencies still exist :: prop-betting and Showdowns.
  • The key to both prop-betting and Showdowns is to be able to properly and expertly analyze a single game environment. While the NFL Edge can get you most of the way there each week, there is truly no replacement for understanding how to properly assess a game for yourself.
  • With how tangible the edge is in Showdowns and props, this course can pay itself off in a hurry.

Who This Course Is For ::

  • We typically use this space to genuinely let you know who the course is not for before letting you know who it’s for — and generally speaking, there is a clear group of people for whom a given course truly isn’t for. But in the case of this course, it’s difficult to find a group of people for whom this course will feel like a “miss.” If you have made it to this page on this site, there’s a high probability this course is for you.
  • JM touches on this in the bonus Masterclass audio note that’s included in your access to this course, but there’s a strong argument to be made that if clear paths to profit are your main goals during NFL season, you should be moving a much larger chunk of your bankroll to props and Showdowns than you’ve maybe had in there so far — and by focusing on a few “single games” in a given weekend, you can spend less time while diving deeper in the spots you’re diving into and making more consistent returns.
  • In other words: if you’re reading this, this course is highly likely to be a good fit for you.
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Start Gaining Ground ::

Xandamere’s Single-Game Mastery Course can be purchased below for only $39 (between Showdowns and props, this course can pay itself off in a hurry!). Once you complete your purchase, direct access to the course will be delivered to your profile page.

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