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If you have been playing DFS for five or more years, you remember a time when the player pools were much softer than they are now; a time that might cause you to say, “I wish I could go back and play those years with the information I have now!”

This is, of course, the natural life-cycle of a game like DFS. The edge is biggest early on, when the public has yet to catch up to the sharp knowledge and angles available. And sure, the NFL changes every year, and new edges become available on the main slate that we can adjust toward before our competition; but there is nothing quite like that period when the public is flying blind in a game because the content is just not out there yet for the public to know the right moves to make.

Look at this as one of the best and most valuable bankroll-building opportunities available in DFS today!

And right now? At this point in time? Yeah — right now, Showdowns are that game. Five years from now, others will be saying, “I wish I could go back and play Showdowns in 2019 with the information I have now!”

Oh, hey there. Your time machine is here. It’s 2019, and you have this information now…

Step inside Xandamere’s course on Mastering Showdown Play:

Preview of The Magic Cash Game Formula ::


In this lesson :: This lesson is the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes, the kombucha and quinoa of this course. Print this lesson. Frame it. Live by it. There is a soft player field in Showdown cash games at the moment, and there is money to be made by simply having the discipline to play every showdown slate with an optimal approach! There is variance in Showdowns, as with any other area of DFS. But with so many Showdown slates available each season, we have the luxury of a large sample size to lean on — knowing that if we take the optimal approach slate in and slate out, the numbers will work in our favor, and our bankroll will swell. Want to pay for your OWS subscription? Want to fund your main slate tourney play? Want to grow your bankroll and see where it takes you? This is the lesson you’re here for…


Cash games are all about making sure your lineup has the highest floor possible. Unlike on main slate, where I tend to focus on head to heads and thus also care about my lineup’s ceiling, in Showdown I focus more on double-ups. I’ve found my win rate in H2H is about the same as it is in double-ups, but with lower payouts that means lower ROI. My hypothesis here is the more casual players that Showdown appeals to are more likely to throw an entry into a double-up than post H2H contests, both because it’s easier and because they’re less likely to get sniped by a shark. This varies widely by buy-in level, I’m sure, and overall I do think Showdown H2Hs are still relatively soft, but at the higher buy-in levels you’re more likely to find players who are thoughtful about their lineup approach while double-ups are filled with people building cash game lineups with both defenses rostered. 

The first step in building Showdown cash lineups is taking a minute to think about how scoring happens in football games. Offenses are going to score via passing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns, and field goals…