Thursday, Sep 28th

Saints @ Bucs

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way this game is likeliest to play out is a real slog, as Vegas expects. Tampa’s the better team on both sides of the ball, but they’ve underperformed their on-paper offensive talent level all season long, hence being such modest favorites. There are, of course, some other ways things could go.

Potential Scenarios
  • Both teams have struggled so badly on offense at times, and both teams possess solid-to-great defenses, that it would not surprise me at all to see one team fail to really generate any offense at all.
  • On the other hand, the Saints put up 27 on the Rams, 25 on the Vikings, 26 on the Bengals, 39 on the Seahawks, and 34 on the Cardinals. Does Andy Dalton have any more turn-back-the-clock magic left?
  • As for the Bucs, they have elite weapons on offense and have racked up plenty of yardage (they’re 5th in the league in passing yards per game!), they just haven’t been able to convert that yardage into touchdowns . . . but could that change? It’s not the likeliest outcome, but this game going way over its total is certainly a non-crazy outcome. 
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of the quarterbacks, Olave (taking a stand here as he isn’t my normal kind of cash game play), the kickers, and White. There’s still news to come, though, and especially if Cam Brate misses, I’d add Otton to the pool and perhaps use that to find a way to afford Godwin. 


In tournaments, my favorite captains are Olave, White, and Godwin in that order. 

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