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Props Insider Pick’Em

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As an extension of our Props Insider package for ’23/’24…

…we are launching our Props Insider Pick’Em channel on Discord.

If you are a Props Insider subscriber…

you already have access!

If, however…

  • You live in a state without legal sportsbooks, or
  • You don’t want to grab the full Props Insider package, or
  • You simply prefer the home run swings of Parlay/Pick’ems

This package is for you!

What Comes With The Pick’Em Package?
  • Specific recommendations for pick’em plays for each week of the NFL season and every day of the NBA season
  • In some cases these picks will align with bets made by our props team; in other cases they will be different, since pick’em is different (sometimes there are different numbers, and pick’em also allows you to take advantage of correlation)
  • For each slate (each week of NFL, each day of NBA), we will perform a sweep across the major pick’em sites at least twice per day, looking for opportunities
  • Since pick’em requires at least two different picks per contest entry, we will aim to provide picks in groups rather than one at a time (as is familiar to any of our props subscribers), though from time to time we may notice a single pick that looks great and call it out individually
How Much Does It Cost?

$199 for the 2023-2024 NFL and NBA seasons

Are you going to give us individual plays, or full recommendations for entries?

We will provide individual plays (i.e. “Christian McCaffrey over 67.5 rushing yards”). It’s up to you to put plays together into actual contest entries. In cases where there are strongly correlated plays (i.e. “Kirk Cousins over 267.5 passing yards and Justin Jefferson over 97.5 receiving yards”), we will note that in our selections so you know those two are intended to go together. Outside of those correlated options, we recommend mix and matching across your entries (generally speaking, you want the same amount of exposure to each play we recommend). 

We are also working on a tool to take a list of individual plays and provide all the possible contest entries that can be made with those plays based on your entry type of choice (2 way, 3 way, 4 way, etc.). 

So I’m guaranteed to make money?

We can’t guarantee profit. What we can guarantee is that we have a sharp, experienced team that has a track record of profitable, +EV play who will work hard to source great plays to pass on to you. This is our first time specifically targeting pick’em sites, but across straight betting, our props team profited over 90 units ($9,229) in NFL + NBA last year. 

How will plays be communicated?

Via our Discord. Once you subscribe, you’ll get access to a special Discord channel for pick’em plays. We will post plays in there, and you can turn notifications on across your devices so you will get an alert when plays are posted to ensure you don’t miss any. 

How many plays should I expect per slate?

We can’t promise a specific number of plays, as it will vary depending on the slate (how many games are on the slate as well as how many plays are at attractive, +EV numbers). 

What if this ends up not working for me?

OWS always stands behind its products, and our goal is happy (and wealthier) customers. You can contact us for a full refund within the first two weeks of joining Props Insider Pick’Em.

Register New Account

After you register, you’ll find details in your inbox on how to sync your OWS account with Discord, or you can scroll below || If you change your mind after purchasing, we’ll keep a 14-day window open for you to request a refund

How Props Insider Pick’Em Works

  • Same as our Props Insider package, Xandamere & co. will post bets in the Pick’Em channel on OWS Discord
  • Note: you can add your Discord ID to your OWS profile (see instructions below), which will automatically add you to any channels you have a subscription to, including Props Insider, Props Insider Pick’Em, and Inner Circle
  • You can set notifications for the Pick’Em channel, in order to be notified as soon as bets are released
  • The Props Insider Pick’Em subscription will cover you for all of the 2023/2024 NFL season, and all of the 2023/2024 NBA season
  1. Go to the Account Info page on your OWS profile
  2. Scroll down to the “Connect With Discord” button
  3. Click that button, then click “Authorize”

That’s it! If you’re logged into Discord on the device you’re using, this authorization will link your OWS membership to your Discord account, giving you access to any special channels you should have access to (including the Pick’Em channel)