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Player Grid 10.21.

JMToWin is a high-stakes tournament champion (Thunderdome, Luxury Box, Game Changer, Wildcat) who is focusing this year on single-entry/three-entry max

OWS Fam ::
This is not a complete list of all the good plays on the slate.

This is, instead, a look at the player pool I’ll be fishing.

The Grid ::

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Bottom-Up Build

:: covered in-depth in the Angles Pod (it’s highly recommended that you listen to the breakdown of the roster in order to see the thinking behind it, and in order to understand what we’re talking about when we look at a “bottom-up build”

Blue Chips

:: these are my “Tier 1” plays: the plays I feel confident leaning into across different types of builds; players who have a high ceiling and a low likelihood of price-considered failure


:: these are games, offenses, situations, or scenarios I’ll be looking to build around across my rosters


:: these are players who don’t fit into the categories above — either Upside pieces who don’t have the floor to be Blue Chips (and are not being focused on within my game-focused builds) or players who may not have a strong shot at ceiling, but are worth keeping in mind from a “role” perspective

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Bottom-Up Build

Full breakdown (of what this is, and what the thinking is behind these players) can (and should) be found in the Angles Pod (above).

Correlated Bottom-Up Build
DK Salary Remaining :: $6.3K

Tom Brady
D’Ernest Johnson
Jonathan Taylor
Mike Evans
Tyler Johnson
James Washington
Dan Arnold
Marquez Valdes-Scantling

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Blue Chips

D’Ernest Johnson

“Keep it simple, stupid.”

The Patriots have a middling run defense (17th in adjusted line yards, 17th in DVOA), while the Browns rank third in adjusted line yards and run the ball at the third highest rate in the NFL. New England has also allowed the fourth most receptions and the second most receiving yards to running backs this year. Of course, this wouldn’t be a “JM writing about a running back against the Patriots” writeup without me bringing up an important point I bring up from time to time: the Patriots design their defense to basically force opponents to score through the air in the red zone (as it’s easier to score on the ground than through the air when you get close to the end zone). To that end, the Patriots have allowed the fewest running back rushing touchdowns in the NFL this year. And they allowed the fewest in 2019. And the second fewest in 2018. And the third fewest in 2017. And the fewest in 2016. Even in a “down year” in this category last year, the Pats allowed only three more RB rushing touchdowns than the first-place defense. That’s worth keeping in mind. But if Nick Chubb misses (note: Chubb is officially OUT), it’s also worth keeping in mind that Johnson should see 18+ carries and four to six targets in a spot where yards should be able to pile up, and where touchdowns are not entirely impossible.

Bucs Offense

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