Thursday, Sep 28th

Patriots @ Cardinals

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way this game is likeliest to play out is a slog. Arizona wants to play fast and is leading the NFL in plays per game (New England is 28th), so the thing that will likely drive this game is if the Cards can succeed against the elite Patriots defense. If the Patriots can hold a lead, they’ll just go slow, slow, slow, and try to run the game out. If the Cards can put up points, we could see a very different game script from New England in response. Let’s look at how we could build for some different scenarios.

Potential Scenarios
  • I think Mac Jones is going to be very low owned (he usually is in Showdown) because there are a lot of good skill position players priced around him who will project better. But if the Cards play from ahead and the Pats play faster and pass more, and/or if the touchdowns come through the air, Mac could easily surprise us. I want to be over the field on him, definitely. 
  • In games with very close spreads such as this one, 5-1 onslaughts are always underowned. What if the Pats fall flat on the road? What if the Cardinals can’t get anything going against the New England D? Either could happen here and it wouldn’t surprise me.
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of the quarterbacks, the running backs, the kickers, and Dortch (assuming Moore is out), with Meyers as a solid option as well should he happen to play. I don’t really want to muddle with the other Patriots receivers in cash, and I think Hopkins is too expensive. 


In tournaments, Rhamondre is the clear best captain option (duh), but I also want to be overweight on Conner, Brown, and the Patriots primary pass catchers. 

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