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  • NFL Edge: All Game Breakdowns (written & audio)
  • DFS Course: Playing For First in NFL DFS: Go from 0-100.
  • Angles Email: JM’s Weekly DFS overview of the unique elements of the current week.
  • The Workbook: A Cheatsheet of the best and worst matchups for the week.
  • JM’s Angles Pod: JM’s Friday night thoughts on the DFS Angles for the Sunday slate.
  • Battle Royale: A weekly look into building unique lineups in Underdog’s Battle Royale.
  • Inactives/Line Movement Email: Delivered to your inbox Sunday (around 11:45 AM Eastern).
  • Discord: Breaking News, Showdown, Single-Entry, MME, Fantasy, Prop Channels.

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“This was really cool to see yesterday. 554,000 entries and OWS bunched up right near the top.”

“Shout out @mjohnson86 for the Jags D call in the Sunday Crunch and the OWS team for everything, best site out there, and it’s not even close. Been a member since 2018. Not to flaunt it, but have hits of $50k, $100k, and $50k that I owe to this team and community.”

Got a couple shoutouts to @JMToWin in particular and for all the folx at One Week Season. This site is good, trust the process and keep trying to get better!

“My biggest win to date as well. I don’t remember if it was the pod or something in the scroll but changed my Lamar stack to tua and it worked out. Thanks to everyone at OWS.

What’s In OWS Free?

Game Breakdowns

Game breakdowns can be found in the NFL Edge, where our team of researchers/writers focus on the high-level elements that most impact overall scoring/production (including how each team is likeliest to attack, and what this means for potential player usage and game flow). This is the article on which OWS built its reputation, and is an absolute MUST-READ for bettors, DFS players, and season-long players.

NFL Edge Audio

Every game on the slate broken down top-to-bottom…in audio format! You can find this every week on the “One Week Season” podcast.

DFS Course

This course is designed to help newer DFS players go from “0 to 100” in the strategies that create winning DFS players, and is designed to sharpen the play of seasoned DFS vets. As we often say at OWS: “DFS is not about knowing who the good plays are.” DFS is a strategy game, and this course will help you make winning strategy moves.

Angles Email

“What makes this week’s slate unique?” This is one of the most important starting points in the DFS week and is answered each week in JM’s Angles Email (delivered to your inbox on Thursdays; and found in The Scroll on Fridays).

The Workbook:

Majesstik tracks important data points from every team and breaks it into actionable information for season long, DFS, and Prop bettors. You can find this every week in the Scroll.

Underdog Battle Royale:

Lex drafts early and often and gives you a sizeable advantage in Underdog’s Battle Royale before you do your first draft of the week. You can find this every week in the Scroll.

JM’s Angles Podcast

JM finds some of the stronger values available on the slate, talks DFS strategy through the lens of a roster build, and covers his big-picture thoughts on the areas of the slate that are drawing his deeper attention.

Sunday Inactives Email

Around 11:45 AM Eastern each week, you’ll receive an email updating you on important line movement and key inactives for that week’s slate.


We have millions of dollars in net profit and decades of DFS experience across our team, and our team members are often hanging out on Discord to answer questions and talk shop; we also have the sharpest community in DFS, making OWS Discord one of the easiest ways to strengthen your DFS play.

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