Thursday, Sep 9th

OWS + FantasyLabs Optimizer

Our Goal At OWS ::

To provide you with a consistent, tangible edge over the field by connecting you with the best content, training, tools, and information, while striving, at every turn, to give you far more than what you paid for.

You may not use an Optimizer for your DFS play. But if you do (or if you don’t, but should!), this is an exciting next step along the path toward these goals.

(If you’re not sure if an Optimizer is a good fit for you, Xandamere has some ultra-sharp thoughts on this at the front end of the first video below.)

What You Get With Your OWS + Labs Subscription ::


For only $35.95/mo, you get everything that comes with the standard FantasyLabs NBA subscription ($39.95/mo), or with NBA through the “all sports” subscription ($59.95/mo)…and you ALSO get a number of OWS-specific elements (seriously, you cannot beat this deal) ::

  • The ability to optimize up to 150 NBA DFS lineups at once
  • Custom stacking and correlation rules (this is some next-level stuff, and really sets Labs apart as an optimizer; rather than just “X% of player Y,” your custom player groups and correlation rules enable you to easily solve the biggest shortcoming most optimizers have)
  • Labs’ proprietary, advanced NBA data // tools // models
  • NBA Trends tool
  • FantasyLabs projections
  • Advanced Sports Analytics projections!
  • See total $$ exposure (and not just % exposures) in all of your lineups (INCREDIBLY useful :: if you’re playing lots of contests at different entry fees, you can upload your contest entry file to Labs, and they’ll organize this information for you)
  • Advanced NBA stats, including red zone and market share data
  • And plenty more!
The standard monthly membership fee for “Labs NBA” is $39.95.
The monthly membership fee for “OWS + Labs NBA” is $35.95!

You get the discount. You get everything that comes with NBA Labs. And you get special OWS-only elements to boot!

>> Checkout With Labs Here! <<

Xandamere and Sonic are also all-in on Labs as their new optimizer (as Xandamere has said multiple times :: ‘I tried Labs a few years ago, and it just didn’t grab me; but the changes and improvements they’ve made over the last year or so are unbelievable’). Xandamere has made multiple videos (below!) to help you get the most out of your Labs subscription (and is also available on Discord to answer questions and help you get the most out of your Labs access), and Xandamere and Sonic have been working with Labs on additional rules and improvements that have been created with OWS users in mind, making this — by far — the best optimizer in the industry (and, as a result: the best optimizer for OWS members).

If you use an optimizer for your NFL or NBA play…well, let’s just say there’s a good chance you’ll soon fall in love with Labs in the same way Xandamere and Sonic have.

Xandamere’s Instructional Video For FantasyLabs :: Showdowns

Xandamere’s Instructional Video For FantasyLabs :: Main Slate