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OWS Bottom-Up Build Contest

By Dustin

Week 1 Review

Each week I will review the Bottom-Up Build contest, looking at how the winner got to the top of the leaderboard. The purpose of the Bottom-Up Build is to put players in that you would feel comfortable rostering in a regular contest (price considered floor and high ceiling) so that when you’re building for these other contests, you’re not struggling with the last couple spots and jamming someone in that you are uncomfortable with.


Rules :: Max $44k Salary (exceeding $44k salary will disqualify entry)
Total Entries :: 306
Prizes (Edge Points) :: 1st = 100 Edge // 2nd = 50 // 3rd = 25
Highest Owned Player :: Kyle Pitts-68% across both contests.
See All The Entries :: Contest Link 1 // Contest Link 2


1st :: Sgmain18
2nd :: Eagles1985

3rd: Black-eyed_God

*Top 3 all came from the first contest that filled. 


  • The top three rosters all included at least a double stack and a bring back from the opposing offense which shows the importance of adding correlation into you rosters.
  • Sgmain18 and Black-Eyed-God built stacks around the Eagles // Falcons game, both rostering Jalen Hurts, Devonta Smith, and running it back with Kyle Pitts.
  • The top three lineups all rostered Devonta Smith and Corey Davis
  • The top two rosters used WRs in the $3.7k to 5.7k range. Going into the week, we knew most lineups would include $3k WRs, especially in the Bottom-Up.
  • The winner of the $150k Wildcat (2003 entries) also built around the Eagles, rostering three offensive players (Hurts, Smith, Goedert) as well as the Eagles D.

Putting It Together

JM often mentions that we should look to identify a game environment that’s being overlooked by the field and build around it. For instance, if I identified the Eagles // Falcons game as one that is being overlooked, I might lock in a stack from that game and a player on the opposing offense first. Then, I can fill out my roster with other cheaper plays that have a solid floor. If entering this same lineup into a tournament contest, you can go back and swap players who you think can get you 30+ DK pts. This will get you to start building from the bottom-up vs the top-down. When building top-down, or locking in the expensive players I know I want to get to first, I often get stuck in a salary range that I’m uncomfortable with.

Week 2 :: Bottom Up Tourney

Every week, you can click here for the newest contest link for the upcoming Bottom Up Tourney

  1. (NEW RULE) Must be using an OWS Avatar to be eligible to win
  2. Single Entry
  3. Max $44k Salary. (exceeding $44k will automatically disqualify your entry)
  4. Prizes (Edge Points) :: 1st = 100 // 2nd = 50 // 3rd = 25
  5. Winners please email [email protected] with your DK Screenname