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OWS :: 2020!

OWS Fam(!) — welcome back! If you’re reading this, you’re a human being; and if you’re a human being, there is a good chance this has been the most unusual year of your life. Schedules have been ruptured. Jobs have been transformed (or put on pause; or even lost altogether). Lives have been twisted in all sorts of unusual directions, and we’ve all had to learn, to one extent or another, to take things one day at a time. In that spirit — before we get to the exciting new things we have on deck for you this year at One Week Season — I wanted to let you know about a few things we are doing to ease whatever burdens you might be carrying at the moment.

Firstly :: it’s appearing more and more likely that the NFL will, in fact, figure out a way to pull off a 2020 season(!) — but if you renew in 2020 and the season, unexpectedly, ends up being canceled, your renewal will automatically toll toward the 2021 season.

Secondly :: if Covid-19 (and all the surrounding strangeness of these times) has had a negative impact on your finances to where you’re not sure about your ability to comfortably renew this year, we have added a “Pause Renewal” button to your profile page. This button can be found inside the “View Subscription Info” button on your profile. By pausing your renewal, you will effectively cancel your subscription (that is, you will not be charged on your renewal date, and you will lose access on that date as well) — but you will now be able to return to the site at a later date at your original entry price(!). The annual price for new subscribers is now $99 — but by pausing, you’ll be able to renew from your profile page and jump back in at the same price you had before.

Thirdly :: near the end of August, we’ll have a new section on your profile page that provides a couple easy options for earning a FREE YEAR of OWS access! (These options will become permanently available once they show up — and through one of the options, you’ll actually be able to earn multiple free years of OWS access!)

What’s Being Upgraded // Added For 2020?

  • Game Notes :: Improved usability on both desktop and mobile — making it easier for you to take notes while reading the game writeup in the NFL Edge!
  • OWS Collective :: Ability to follow your favorite Collectives! By following Collectives, you’ll be able to navigate to these Collectives directly from your profile page.
  • Additional Game Research :: This year, as part of the NFL Edge, Lex Miraglia will be providing matchup-based research at both a game-environment and player-production level. This research will be accessible through a secondary tab in the NFL Edge — providing another layer of depth for those of you who want to balance the classic version of the NFL Edge against a bullet-pointed, research-intensive addendum.
  • Game Theory Content :: Toward the end of each week during the 2020 season, Hilow will be contributing content that takes a closer look at the game theory elements in play on that weekend’s slate. If you listened to Hilow last year or read his game theory content during the playoffs, you know what a huge bonus this will be! Very few people in DFS have a better handle on this crucial element of the landscape than Hilow.
  • Expansion of GPP Ceiling Tool :: We are working with EV Analytics to expand the GPP Ceiling Tool into a full projections system that wraps in player salaries and ownership projections!
  • Monday Night Livestream :: We’re adding a new podcast this year that will stream live on the site on Monday night, and will go onto podcast streams on Tuesday morning. Details on this are not yet ready to be released, but this early-week podcast will take a look back at key elements from the weekend and a look ahead at what these things mean moving forward, and will feature myself (JM) and two of the top season-long fantasy analysts in the game. Look for more details as we get closer to the season!
  • Discord :: The OWS NFL Discord channel is up-and-running! All season long, this channel will be available for you to connect with OWS writers, researchers, and members — talking research and strategy for the slate ahead!

On Top Of Everything Above (you’ll also still have…) ::

  • NFL Edge :: The full, game-by-game breakdowns in the NFL Edge will be back, as always! — and with no preseason, and with such a strange year surrounding these teams, this type of content will be more valuable than ever! As you know by now: the NFL Edge, more than any other content or tool out there, aims to go below the numbers into the roots :: not “what has happened?” but “why have these things happened?” and “what is likeliest to happen in the specific set of situations ahead?” This is the information that pure data tables will never be able to compete with — giving the OWS community an even larger edge on the field than normal this year!
  • Xandamere’s Showdown Slant :: Xandamere will be back for another year of Showdown content after other sites tried to hire him away from us this offseason! There might be no one better than Xandamere at Showdown play — and there is certainly no one better at Showdown content.
  • Ownership Projections :: Ownership projections for the main slate on DraftKings and FanDuel will return for another full season on OWS!
  • The Player Grid :: The Player Grid will once again give you a look inside my own player pool each Saturday throughout the season, with a full breakdown of my thoughts, and of how I’m seeing the slate.
  • Angles Pod :: The Angles Pod each Friday night will walk through the key angles for that weekend’s slate — from roster construction to blue chip pieces to games to target, and more!
  • Chat Pod :: The #OWSChatPod (our favorite part of the week!) will return for another year of questions-and-answers on process-level thinking as it applies to DFS and life, and on the finer points of DFS play that can take you from a casual player to a true shark in the DFS waters.
  • Run to Daylight Pod :: TodfromPA will be back on Saturday nights this year for another season of slate breakdowns and phone calls! I’ll be calling in most weeks as well in order to answer questions about the slate and the deeper elements of DFS.
  • Marketplace Expansion :: As we get closer to the start of the season, we’ll have a few new courses going up in the Marketplace, including a Game Theory course from Hilow, and an expansive, intensive DFS Masterclass from JM(!).

Between the lack of media access at NFL training camps, the lack of preseason games, and the fact that I’ve been pumping out 55 hour work weeks since early June — pursuing the small and large site improvements and additions we’re putting together (with these heavy work weeks expected to continue until kickoff!) — I won’t be playing Best Ball this year. But as we near the end of August, you’ll start seeing some some early content, podcasts, and courses going up on the site — and by the time we reach the beginning of September, we’ll be in full swing!

Look for the Masterclass to go live in the Marketplace on August 17!

Check out the home page on August 17 for some really exciting bonus content we’ll have! (We’ll be covering a new game type being launched this fall — and we’ll be the only site with content for that game type, giving you an early edge on the field!)

And look for additional Marketplace courses to go live on August 24!

I’m so excited to spend another year with you.

I’ll see you at the top of the leaderboards soon!