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NFL :: 2020

We are set to enter one of the strangest NFL seasons in recent memory; and more than any other year, it’s going to be important for you to have a firm handle each weekend on what’s going on around the league in order to make profitable decisions for your bankroll. The good news? — we’ll have you covered all season, as always. The “even better news”? — we’re getting you up-and-running early with some key pieces of content to prepare you for the season ahead!

Xandamere :: On Showdowns // On Xandamere!

Xandamere and Tod dive deep into Showdowns, and deep into Xandamere’s mind :: How he attacks Showdowns. How he processes information in NFL. What his approach looks like, and what makes him tick. This is an awesome chance to see DFS from inside Xandamere’s mind.

3 Things We Know

JM builds off his thoughts in How Suckers Are Created, taking a look at three things we definitely(?) know.

Xandamere’s Prop Betting Primer

Xandamere breaks down WHY prop bets are beatable, and what we can do in order to maximize our ROI on the bets we choose to place.

How Suckers Are Created

JM takes a look at the things we know, and the things we don’t, and how we can learn to use these to our advantage.

Reach Out With Your Feelings, Luke

SonicLibrarian dives into his center to bring you one of the most overlooked aspects of finding your winning team in DFS tournament play.

90-Page Best Ball Guide

OWS has teamed up with FantasyPoints to bring you a 90-page Best Ball Guide that dives deep into data, strategies, positional explorations, and so much more.

Finding The Edge In 2020

JM takes an audio exploration of some of the elements that can give us an edge early in this unusual 2020 season.