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Written by :: Mike Johnson

Published: 8/1/23

Our main focus at One Week Season is on the elements of game theory and deep understanding of our contests and competition, but there is no question that player selection is an absolutely critical part of being successful in Best Ball. With that in mind, and with three months of drafting done since the NFL Draft concluded and the major contests were released, I put together this article outlining the three players at each position who I find myself drafting at a high rate and/or actively thinking about getting on my roster in optimal ways while I am drafting. Said another way, rankings are one thing, but when you are actually on the clock to make a selection there is often a “gravity” towards certain players that causes you to reach for them ahead of not only their ADP but also where you have them ranked….or in other scenarios they may fall in a draft and you abandon your previous strategy for that draft in order to roster them at a discount. 

As we head into the heart of drafting season, these are the guys that I have the most conviction about and believe in with great confidence relative to where the field is valuing them. 


Lamar Jackson, BAL

Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated. Lamar Jackson got the payday he deserves and now is blessed with, by far, the best supporting cast of his career. If that wasn’t a good enough situation, the Ravens offense will also look very different schematically with vertically-minded Todd Monken now in place as their offensive coordinator. Lamar Jackson had the best fantasy season in history in 2019 and I honestly think he has a chance to top it this year.

Anthony Richardson, IND

Richardson is a special talent athletically and all indications are that he is killing it in terms of work ethic and preparation. I have spent most of my adult life as a basketball coach, and one common quote that is used is “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. When a player as athletically gifted as Richardson is showing the preparation and leadership qualities that coaches look for in a player, special things usually happen. He is somewhat raw and will have some peaks and valleys, but for fantasy football his skill set is perfect and if the Jonathan Taylor situation blows up completely for the Colts then pretty much the entire offense will flow through AR-15. Richardson’s current ADP ranges from the late-9th to mid-10th rounds depending on the site you are playing on and I haven’t seen money given away like that since the last round of stimulus checks.

Jordan Love, GB

As hard as it is for many in the fantasy community to admit sometimes, there is a lot more to sports than what you can see on a spreadsheet. Human emotions, connections, and relationships absolutely matter. As talented as Aaron Rodgers is, it was clear for most of last year that his time in Green Bay had taken its course. Love is a physically talented quarterback who has been humbled but also had the chance to hone his craft, learn from a very smart coach, and watch an all-time great’s approach to the game for the last three years. The Packers offense should play at a faster tempo this season as Rodgers won’t be milking the play clock every down and I expect their young weapons to elevate their play without the constant fear of Rodgers’ wrath for making a mistake. 


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