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Swing Trading to NBA Top Shot

by Hilow
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2020 was a unique year (as if you needed the reminder…) — but as part of the fallout from that strange, unique year…well, I’ll put it like this:

Faith in our current systems has eroded enough over the last year and a half that the “common man” has been scrambling to build systems that better suit him. As part of this, we have seen explosive growth in certain forms and sectors of the investing world, which has opened legitimately life-altering opportunities for those who have the knowledge to take advantage.

I know a surprising number of people who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars (in some cases, millions of dollars) over the last five or six months by diving into the same items laid out in this course(!).

Now (of course!), gains in the hundreds of thousands (or millions) come from commensurately larger initial investments. But to better translate this :: I know a surprising number of people who have 5x’d, 10x’d, or higher(!) their money over the last five or six months. And while all investment comes with risk (and while gains at this level absolutely cannot last forever), there is a high probability that 2021 continues to be an illogically outlandish year for gains in these areas.

You think I’m using this offseason to focus on my writing? Nope! I’m using this offseason to focus on the same things Hilow lays out in this course, and to build a broader and more flexible future for myself and my family.


As we’ve made clear in the past, our goal at OWS is not just to help you make money in DFS; our goal is also to HELP YOU MAKE MONEY (and optimally: to help you make money in ways that increase your control over your time and your life). This course is underpriced by, like, several hundred dollars. If you are investing time, energy, and money into DFS, you should also be investing time, energy, and money into other areas right now. The opportunity cost of NOT focusing on these areas is far too high to even consider ignoring them any longer.

This course is, literally, for everyone. Which means that if you’re reading this, this course is for you — and I strongly encourage you to dive in right away.

But don’t take my word for it.

Find out for yourself!

The first 2 lessons are completely free, and can be accessed here!


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Rated 5 out of 5
September 4, 2021

Trading Crypto can be so intimidating for a newbie. Hilow did a great job in this course of keeping his approach to successfully swing trading easy to understand! And the discord community adds a second layer of support as you get used to the process.

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