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Monday, Sep 9th

OWS >> 2019!

OWS Fam!!!! Welcome to the 2019 season.

DFS has always been about (and will always continue to be about) finding an edge and hammering it — adjusting to new game offerings or new trends before others have caught up. And this year, OWS is going to be hammering some major new edges.

Starting Week 1 of this year, we will be overhauling the style of our Showdown offerings to account for the unique style of play involved on those slates — with our Showdown writeups now featuring Xandamere, one of the top Showdown minds in the industry. In 2018, Xandamere had a truly absurd rate of success in Showdown cash games (notching a double-up win rate north of 70%!), and his data collection and analysis for Showdowns is second-to-none. With so many Showdown slates available each weekend, the opportunity to hammer this edge is huge — and we will have you covered all season long. (Bonus: around the middle of August, we will be posting Xandamere’s Showdown Introduction course — free to all subscribers!)

Speaking of “hammering edges”: one of my bigger disappointments last year, when we launched One Week Season, was the discovery of just how much the edge had dried up in preseason contests. With the contests so small and the player pool all having access to the same high-quality news and information, preseason had become a crapshoot rather than the print-fest it had been in the past. And so, this year we will be shifting our August focus on the site to Best Ball content, where there is still a big edge to be found! At the end of the first week of August, you will find a Best Ball tab in the Edge+ drop-down menu on the site; and this page will be updated regularly throughout the month with Best Ball podcasts, breakdowns, and resources to help you use your August profitably!

On August 30, you will be able to find Week 1 of the NFL Edge live on the site; and around that same time, you will be able to find two additional features we are adding this year. The first is a GPP tool that I am developing for One Week Season with the top sports data consultants in the industry. And the second is…

Well. The second is the announcement I am most excited about — but we’ll wait on that one. For now, let’s just say that we are in the process of developing a new idea for the NFL Edge that will blow away any improvements we have made in the past — increasing the value of this article exponentially, and once again pushing the limits on what this article can do, and what this article can help you accomplish as a DFS player.

I can hardly wait for this season to get underway!

I’ll see you on the site throughout the month of August; and it won’t be long before I’ll be seeing you at the top of the leaderboards again!

— JMToWin