Sunday, Feb 11th — Late
Bye Week:

JM’s Player Grid 14.22

JMToWin is a high-stakes tournament champion (Thunderdome, Luxury Box, Game Changer, Wildcat) who is focusing this year on single-entry/three-entry max

OWS Fam ::

This is not a complete list of all the good plays on the slate

This is, instead, a look at the player pool I’ll be fishing

The Grid ::

Bottom-Up Build

:: covered in-depth in the Angles Pod (it’s highly recommended that you listen to the breakdown of the roster in order to see the thinking behind it, and in order to understand what we’re talking about when we look at a “bottom-up build”)

Blue Chips

:: my “Tier 1” plays: the plays I feel confident leaning into across different types of builds; these players have a high ceiling and a low likelihood of price-considered failure


:: games, offenses, situations, or scenarios I’ll be looking to build around across my rosters

Building Blocks

:: unique player pairings that can be used as foundational building blocks for tournament rosters


:: players who don’t fit into the categories above — either Upside pieces who don’t have the floor to be Blue Chips (and are not being focused on within my game-focused builds) or players who may not have a strong shot at ceiling, but are worth keeping in mind from a “role” perspective

Angles Pod

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Bottom-Up Build

Full breakdown (of what this is, and what the thinking is behind these players) can (and should) be found in the Angles Pod (above).

Correlated Bottom-Up Build
DK Salary Remaining :: $6.0K

Deshaun Watson
James Cook
Miles Sanders
Ja’Marr Chase
Phillip Dorsett
Chris Moore
David Njoku
Donovan Peoples-Jones

Alternate BUB
DK Salary Remaining :: $6.2k

Joe Burrow
James Cook
D’Andre Swift
Ja’Marr Chase
Phillip Dorsett
Chris Moore
Greg Dulcich
Donovan Peoples-Jones

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Blue Chips

There are no “True Blue” Chips on my list for this week

“Light Blue” Chips
Jalen Hurts

With Josh Allen playing the Jets and Patrick Mahomes playing the Broncos, Hurts is the “elite DFS QB” likeliest to go for 30+ points. The Giants rank bottom-six in DVOA against both the pass and the run, and we are likely to see the Eagles start this game the way they typically start games: going surprisingly pass-heavy, before taking a lead and turning things over to the run. In both of these pathways, Hurts will be an engine of the offense until this game gets out of hand (and if it doesn’t get out of hand, he’ll remain an engine throughout). His chances of a true blowup game are lower in this spot, given that the Giants are unlikely to keep pace; but his chances of disappointing are very low, and his chances of being the highest-scoring QB on the slate remain relatively high.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Some interesting math here…

If we throw out the game in which ARSB got hurt this year (he was in and out of the lineup afterward, but was largely ineffective, and then proceeded to miss most of the next month) and throw out the games in which he played very limited snaps, he has averaged 25.14 DraftKings points per game across his last 14 contests. (This includes his first two games back from injury, in which he posted his two worst games in this stretch.) This would put him above the 2022 per-game production of both Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs. In fact, to more deeply illustrate how underpriced ARSB is: getting ARSB at $7.8k against his relevant sample size of production is the equivalent of getting 2021 Cooper Kupp (27.9 DK points per game) at $8.6k. I’ll also note that ARSB has four games in this stretch of 15.3 or fewer DK points (i.e., he is capable of working out as a fade), and his “likeliest outcome” is somewhere in the mid-20s (23 to 26 points), which helps those who rostered him, and doesn’t kill those who don’t roster him. But just in terms of “production expectations gained for the salary,” he’s definitely underpriced — especially against a Minnesota defense that has allowed the most WR yards and second most WR receptions in the NFL.

Cowboys DST

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Building Blocks

New this year: these are unique player pairings that can be used as foundational building blocks for tournament rosters

Goff + ARSB + Chark + Hockenson
Cost: $22.8K DK // $26.9k FD

“This game plays out the way the public expects it to play out”

Why It Works:

This game is going to be stacked lots of different ways, and even this stack won’t “set you on a clear path to first place” if it hits. But this particular combination of players makes just as much sense as any other, and it’s likely to be lower-owned than many of the other ways this game could be built (Swift, Thielen, Jefferson, etc.). If the touchdowns come through the air for the Lions and Hockenson scores once or twice for Minnesota, this setup would separate from the field, allowing you to play a chalky game and still gain a significant edge when it hits.

How It Works:

Because this building block doesn’t necessarily “separate from the field” if it hits (as noted already: it should put you ahead of a lot of rosters if it hits, but you’ll still be competing against other rosters that have a similar setup, especially in large-field play), I would look to pull one or two additional levers on this roster: rostering a high-upside piece that the field is overlooking, or finding some leverage off a popular piece, etc. Still (and again) :: this is one of the more unique ways to attack the most popular game on the slate, while still telling a story that makes all the sense in the world.


The story plays out differently, and you don’t get first place — which is really all that matters.

Geno + Lockett + Metcalf + DJ Moore

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If Building For Single-Entry // Three-Entry Max

This is my narrowest pool, which means it’s the pool likeliest to change a bit as I move deeper into builds. If it changes throughout Saturday night, I’ll add an update in this space.

If I were building for single-entry // three-entry Max, my tightened-up player pool would be:

QB ::

Jalen Hurts || Joe Burrow || Deshaun Watson || Jared Goff || Geno Smith || Tyler Huntley

RB ::

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A Wrap ::

I’ll see you at the top of the leaderboards this weekend!